Liberal Twitter calls for more blood after DC unrest

After violent unrest gripped the nation’s capital on Wednesday, liberal Twitter moved quickly to call for violent retribution against Trump supporters.

Or perhaps retribution isn’t the right word, since the confirmed deaths have been among the President’s supporters.

It’s worth noting that the President’s account was shut down for inciting violence on Twitter, but at press time, none of the following accounts were banned.

Here’s a sampling of some of the calls for violence:

The violence in the capital was unacceptable, unamerican, and has been thankfully condemned by major political figures of both parties, as well as this publication. Now, will the violent left-wingers be condemned as well?


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    1. That whole thing sounds like people owned by Soros went in asRepublicans and all they were is bought and paid for by Soros and the dem o rats.

      1. SOROS has been around forever…I knew about him 45-50 years ago. He ruined England and Hungry. He said he would spend his billions of dollars to get Trump out!!!!! He is a dangerous person…Our country does not need him and he should be kicked out! All of the interruptions i.e., burning down cities, shooting, killing, destroying is his game. He mentioned that he wanted to become god!!!

        1. Soros is among many of the scum of the earth. His money paid for the riots and the burning of buildings by Antifa and BLM. He is responsible for the people who stormed the Capitol building. He paid off governors and judges to vote against President Trump.

          1. I agree the demoncrats can do what they want and get away with their dirty works and blame everyone but themselves!

          2. You are so right Soros is behind this whole night mare the Trump supporters were peaceful his was just away to put the last nail in the coffin for President Trump which they have been doing for four grueling years. God bless you President Trump you were the best thing that happened to our Country. Soros should burn in hell

        2. NOT kicked out, terminated. He should be handled at the same time as the rest of the government here that made that be the only solution that they accepted — such FOOLS THEY ARE!!! Trump was BEGGING them to stop their coup, so he would not have to take them out, they thought he was being weak, I guess. LOL, now they will face the consequences.

        3. Yes, he has that stupid Globalist notion of becoming a cyborg, and thus becoming a “god”. It won’t work, satan is NOT A GOD and all they can manage is to give themselves over to him, which will only destroy them. They are SO SHORT-SIGHTED! They choose to be psychopaths as being a source of “power”, which it is NOT — all they are doing is killing themselves off, we just have to stop them from killing US FIRST, as they plan.

        4. That’s laughable that Soros wants to become god. More likely he wants to become Satan. He is evil. Putin wants him so why can’t we hand him and his family over to Putin or at least tell Putin where to find him?

      2. Yup !!! The FBI has already identified several folks who were at the riots in the democratic controled cities earlier this year.

      3. Exactly. Trump supporters WERE NOT VIOLENT. we ALL were peaceful until the NORMAL ANTIFA were told by PELOSI, Schumer, Obama, Soros To infiltrate, disrupt, kill us.

      4. Spot on, the TRUMPERS Weare the FLAG’s , ANTIFA , BLM , all on wellfare and paid by SOROS said in a post . THEY ARE THE PROUD ONES WITH DOING THEIR, THING, and the WORLD’s POTUS @TRUMP to blame, SICKO’s MAGA2020. TOO LATE SHAL BE THEIR CRY, with senile joe, SO Sorry 4 the TRUMPERS, i’m a Dutch TRUMPSTER He’s SIMPLY THE BEST.

  1. yeah they just love their liberal lies you’re nothing but a line bunch of communist scumbag trash most of that violence was caused by antifa you know your left wing buddies you know you’re the ones you’ve been kissing their butt for 5 years you corrupt scumbag garbage you’re a disgraceful bunch of communist trash and America knows it you’re a disgrace

      1. It is not over YET. Trump’s strongest move was done on 3NOV2019, when he activated the Marine Reserves and declared a State of Emergency when the Democrats were prattling on about their coup (one of their early attempts). Look up what happened when FDR did the same in 1939 against the Nazi takeover attempt, they terminated over 1,000 problems then. I expect about three times that are needed NOW. Trump BEGGED them to stop, as he did NOT want to take such a hard line, but they chose to continue. Trump has tried every way that could be gentler, they are IDIOTS to force him to terminate them, but that is exactly what they did. Because they HAD to know that the Marines were activated, Trump has just been keeping them standing by because he wanted a less hardline solution — they have FORCED their own termination, it WILL come now. By having them activated, they have been observing and recording, making this entire election fiasco into a huge STING operation, they have recorded all of the salient facts of the entire time, so that they will move fast, just like they did for FDR.

        1. I pray you are right, but is there anyone in DC that actually supports him, if they ever did? I don’t trust any of them.

  2. The stupid lefties let BLm,& Antifa take over,& destroy city blocks, but that’s ok. The real problem is they only look the other way when it’s their side who’s violent. Their tweets show how hypocritical they are,& how violent they are

    1. It is interesting, what Trump did by asking everyone to go home was to prevent his followers from being successfully labeled as “insurrectionists” by the Democrats, WHO ARE THE INSURRECTIONISTS that will be taken down when the Marine Reserves go off of standby. When he asked them to go home AND THEY OBEYED, they were lawful protesters who obeyed their President, NOT INSURRECTIONISTS. Trump saw that the Antifa had been bussed in to be agents provacateur to try to make We The People appear to be against the government. Funny how the Antifa had pallets of bricks, broken shards of concrete and propane tanks ready to use, they were planning on blowing up the Senate, Trump kept them from getting away with THAT to try to blame him for. Now the last of the traitors surrounding him are shown, with Pence joining with Pel;osi and the others that quit suddenly, it is time to set the Marines LOOSE to do what they DO.

  3. The communist are taking over our country . The new old men president and the communist vice they are the worst that could happen to the U.S.A\.

    1. That is only what SEEMS, a LOT more is still to come, and it was set in place back in 2019, these were FOOLS to not understand what Trump ACTUALLY set in motion then. Because he was trying NOT to use such strong methods quickly, I guess they thought it was not there — but it IS. Trump just held the Marines on standby while he tried to solve the insurrection at a quieter level, he really did not WANT to just terminate them all, but was left no other choice. This WILL clean our government OUT, it REALLY NEEDS TO BE DONE.

  4. This administration is going to be nothing more than a circus .these fools have no clue what the hell they are doing .other than take away and dump more of America as we know it.they are evil satan devils.they stole this election and know they did and will never be forgiven for the pain ,hurt they have done.pathetic losers Democrats.

    1. They still haven’t said anything against the riots in Portland, Minneapolis, and Seattle. They were democratic riots so they were condoned by the DNC.

  5. Our steadfast faith should be reflected in our behavior; our prayers will heap hot coals on their heads! Review the past hx. of the Jews. When they turned to God in times like these, they were victorious. When they turned away and tried to win the battles on their own, they lost. I’m a Trump supporter, I know how Trump people are feeling right now! But, I know from my own past that God works all things for good for those who to turn to Him! Don’t give up, it’s NOT over yet! Pray for these people, they direly need it! If we start thinking ugly thoughts, name calling, etc., we won’t win. That’s not God’s way. We are His instruments and He works through us (also through non-Christians too). Even spoke through a donkey once (in Old Testament). Christians, pray & listen for His voice.

    1. I agree, and GOD sent us Trump as our champion in this time of desperate NEED. His Voice is in all of our hearts, there is a huge AWAKENING all over the world right now, and WE are the Hope of the World, as it stands now, literally.

    1. Trump does not intend to let it go so far, He plans to have us going and ready to take China down for their attacks on us, there were SEVERAL that were defined in their PLA manual as “Unlimited Warfare”, which is meant to stay below military use and cheap for them — they will implode the moment they try to send their military out, have NO EXPERIENCE about logistics AT ALL! We ARE at war with trhem, we just never acknowledged it so far — and they bought off the Democrats — they think they took us over CHEAPLY. The have not done that YET, and WILL NOT.

    1. That will be the LEAST of what will hit them! Trump needs to have Fireside Chats with us (We The People) NOW, to give us full disclosure as he takes the corruption down and out. MSM won’t cover, which is FINE, they are a part of the PROBLEM anyway. There ARE alternative routes to communicate with US….

  6. I agree with Danny Whitney, Antifa was involved in the violent acts, this group takes advantage of every single opportunity to create turmoil, and then puts the blame on the people that were protesting peacefully. I wish the FBI will track them down and bring them to justice.

    1. The FBI are a PART of it, crooked as they come. Same for the intelligence agencies, perhaps not the DIA, they are working with Trump against the other corrupted ones.

    2. ANTIFA scum, all ready admit, PROUD , We are to blame for the riots, just received from fbf USA. to blame TRUMPERS ánd the POTUS, who cant defend Himself, that’s WHY HIS FANS MUST be HIS MOUTH. WE LOVE THE POTUS WW, Best POTUS EVER. Grts from the Netherlands.

  7. did Twitter go after BLM or Antifa for their bloody firebombing of people’s business or the killing of innocent people Cought in the firebombings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think not!!!!!!! so twitter you need to keep your HYPOCRITE MOUTH SHOUT!!!!!!!!!!

  8. It would appear that would be time to put TWITTER and FACEBOOK OUT OF BUSINESS. They are censoring one Party and not the other. Censorship is supposed to be ILLEGAL in the country.

  9. Look who’s instigating violence and calling for unrest. UNBELIEVABLE, and Twitter will get away with it!!! Democrat’s butt buddy is Twitter.

  10. I don’t agree with what people have done, but blm and antifa are the ones that should have been shot as they burned, looted, and killed innocent people. They are anti-American , and will do the lefts bidding. No, the Capital should not have been breached, but people are frustrated by the lefts cheating, stealing, killing, and treason!


  12. Their should be something about these big tec companies that think they are better than us. Have any of them been in the Military? Most of them my age went to Canada instead of serving their country. Maybe they should be forced to serve and see what it takes to keep a country like ours free. I went in when they were going to Canada and I am proud of my Serves. A lot of us women went in when these jerks were too cowerdley to serve. I say we get rid of the big tec companies execs and put patriots in.

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