Zoning commissioner FIRED for failing to refer to Black citizen as ‘doctor’

In the hyper-partisan, highly-charged political environment of today, even the slightest verbal miscue or malapropism can have far-reaching personal and professional ramifications, a truth learned the hard way by one local government official last week.

As the Daily Caller reports, the Greensboro City Council Zoning Commission unanimously voted to oust one of its members who declined to use the academic title of “doctor” during a verbal exchange with a Black female resident of the community who spoke at a public meeting regarding a land use issue affecting her property.

The controversy erupted when, during a lengthy Zoning Commission hearing, Greensboro resident Carrie Rosario – who holds a doctorate in public health – engaged in discourse with now former-Commission member Tony Collins. When Rosario aired her concerns about a development project in the community, Collins expressed his belief that the conversation had gotten off track, referring to her as “Mrs. Rosario,” as the Charlotte Observer reported.

In response, the associate professor at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro corrected Collins by saying, “It’s Dr. Rosario, thank you, sir,” after which point, Collins continued, saying, “If Mrs. Rosario has something.” This prompted the citizen to again reiterate her preferred title, and Collins replied, “Well, you know, I’m sorry. Your name says on here ‘Carrie Rosario.’ Hey Carrie,” according to the Observer.

Things only escalated from there, with the professor stating emphatically, “It’s Dr. Rosario. I wouldn’t call you Tony, so please, sir, call me as I would like to be called.” Collins shot back, stating that “It doesn’t really matter,” resulting in Rosario telling the commissioner, “I’m verbalizing my name is Dr. Carrie Rosario, and it really speaks very negatively of you as a commissioner to be disrespectful.”

The following day, the City Council took the surprising step of removing Collins from his position, doing so after recording of his exchange with Rosario was played at the behest of Councilwoman Sharon Hightower, as the Greensboro News & Record reported. After the back-and-forth had been aired, Hightower declared that “regardless of whether you agree or disagree, that was disrespectful. This is unacceptable,” also stating that “as a Black female, I am not going to see another Black female treated in this manner.”

Greensboro Councilwoman Goldie Wells, also a Black female holder of a Ph.D. argued that women like her are rarely afforded the acknowledgment their educational attainment ought to confer, and after half an hour of further discussion, Hightower motioned that a vote be held on Collins’ removal from the commission.

Rosario hailed the Council’s decision to oust Collins from the board, explaining, according to the Observer, “I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt at first and corrected him, but as the exchange unfolded it was clear that he was intent on disrespecting me. I was hurt, upset, angry – because this was a public forum – and the public should feel safe to be themselves, to present their concerns, and feel respected in the process.”

While Collins’ stubborn refusal to address a citizen of the community he serves by their preferred title was certainly of questionable wisdom, the willingness of his peers to immediately and drastically overreact to this supposed microaggression represents a slippery slope, indeed.

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  1. Wonder wha will come next, this is stupid there are more important issues than this, to remove someone because of not using the term Dr is just plain stupid to me a doctor is medical

      1. I completely agree with Robert, it’s getting out of hand, sheer stupidly from morons who r two stupid to figure anything out.

    1. This is pathetic and absolutely absurd. R black people really
      that sensitive. Good thing white people arn’t or there would have bee Third World War in the USA

      1. No, she’s not sensitive at all, she just Hates White people so much she’s willing to do anything to bring them down, get them fired, what ever it takes. She letting this little title go to her head, she’s just a Phd, she has a Doctor’s degree in something sounds like Stupidity.

    2. You are exactly right, Robert. The title “Doctor” before someone’s name traditionally
      is reserved for MD medical doctors. PhD’s can be respectfully but not necessarily
      referred to as “doctor.”

    3. This brings to mind the fake DR. FORD in the Kavanaugh hearings! ! She was no more a DR. than I am, and I never enrolled in any profession that called for the title to be “FLAUNTED” because someone has a low self-esteem!

    4. I agree, not that that matters, but just as you went through extensive education, you both should be respected for the “TITLE” you earned. Now as another thought, is it our “problem” we are white(I do not know your “color”) nor is it theirs. We are people who live together. We should be accepting who we really are. Civilized Americans of the most Civilized country in the world. Now, we are raising our children, grandchildren, in a world of hate. Is that right? Our call!

    5. Oh BROTHER ! the BIGGEST SIN IS PRIDE. Pride cometh before the fall. We are obliged to call a man a WOMAN, and women MEN or in WDC, GENTLEWOMEN … this is getting SICK ! Her PRIDE was hurt. And little did she know that THIS will do nothing for her cause and did nothing for him either… I HOPE she is “PROUD” of herself that she got someone fired… I hope he has learned a lesson, that you can’t express your OWN feelings ever again in life… everything you “SAY” will get you put in PRISON. COMMUNISM in the DEMONRAT PARTY. And THEY will pay dearly for it.

  2. I agree that he was disrespectful, however, I also feel that if Dr. Rosario wants to be referred as such, then she should have her title also displayed with her name. You can’t expect everyone to read your mind. Once she corrected him, though, he should have used her title. She also needs to display her title to inspire others who feel that they can’t succeed.

    1. While I understand what you’re saying, Lynn, success is achieved and people are inspired by actions and contributions — not by some job title that is generally meaningless otherwise. I just don’t understand why people feel the need for others to use their titles in order to earn their respect.

  3. Why don’t she put on her big girl panties and stop whining about trivial crap? The man should not have been fired for this trivial crap but perhaps she should have been asked to leave the meeting.

      1. Im FED UP with these black s who think themselves superior to other human beings ! This is ssuch an insane joke they are playing it is PATHETIC! Geez,They are DELUSIONAL with a patholgical disorder between their eyebrows. Where is ther brain? Guess its DEAD.

        1. Alicia, you have probably just posted one of the most racist posts written today by any human on earth. This lady was calmly asking the council member to address her in a respectful manner. She was not claiming to be superior in any way or manner. Your use of the word “black s” shows me and every American with more intelligence than a sponge that you are the one who is brain dead.

          1. Mrs Rosario is respectful. What is wrong with referring to her with that title? He could have called her a n****r. Making an issue out of things like she did here is why some black people get called that. When are the black people going to get back to accepting the same rights as everyone else instead of thinking they should be given some special consideration because of their race. If this had been a white woman the man would not have been removed for calling her Mrs.

          2. Bill gross your an idiot using the term blacks is no more racist then using the term whites it just describes someone’s color.

          3. Congratulations for challenging Alicia. She wasn’t even trying to hide her Racism. Thankyou for speaking up

  4. How stupid They should remove all the the people from that place. He called her Mrs what does she expect for him to get down on his knees and kiss her hand. Dr big deal.

  5. She is a phony doctor just like Biden’s wife. They both have ego problems. More important crap than this needs attention in the Country. Libertards!!

  6. When the worm turns (and it will) I can already hear the cries (can you believe what they are doing !!) I don’t refer to Biden as Mr> President !!! Are you going to throw a fit or just cry ??? I don’t care what you think or say !

  7. I guess being woke also means, one must be respectful in more ways than one… So, my Woke-ness Americans, explain to me the disrespectfulness of calling a Human Being by the title of, Mrs. or Doctor Wokeness, or for that matter, Mr. or Doctor Wokeness? I want to try to stop others who may find themselves in such a difficult position in having to decide on what the new woke way (polite way) to greet a person?

  8. Doctor indeed she was given the title she did not have the educational background to earn it and to fire a man over is some more black b s we are getting tired of it

  9. Just more negative anti white racism and delusional entitlement by a woke fanatic, all fanned by a woke government that wants to destroy this country by keeping us at odds with one another for the sake of power and control! Biden is pathetic as is the liar Harris!

  10. So let me see if I understand this exchange: Party A gets in a huff because they are not addressed to their liking-Party B then decides to be a jerk and acts like a child by being rude, then it escalates from there and then others get involved and get huffy and the next thing you know someone is out of a job. My Heavens – absolutely incredible. We are watching the dismantling of our country and this is what is being focused on. Get a grip people and redirect your attention where it should matter most—Saving our Country from the Rube in office.

  11. She is a bit petty and full of herself. I don’t see it as a racial situation. He was respectful by calling her Mrs. Rosario initially. Not a firing issue

    1. If shevis a professor then call her by her name as Dr.Collins she had earned the respect as she had 4-8 yrs of schooling in order to be called in front of her name. And if you had Finnished school and got your PhD then you can have Dr., Rev., anything but Sue? What my peeve is anyone playing a game show or is arrested and black men wants to be called Reverend (Rev.) Their must be 3 times more black or black &white churches than a regular white churches in which blacks are always invited but maybe because the one called Rev.in front of their names would of had to go through the same as a pastor or priest. Just because they went to Sunday school, your ot a Rev. In front of your name. I didn’t finish school but I didn’t deserve being called
      Dr., Rev., Mr. THOM SIR.

  12. Please sounds silly like Adulterous Jill Biden who desperately wanted to sound important with her degree in Education And yes as we well know, those can be “bought” with enough money and clout Actual reviews showed no true brilliance of her hypothesis nor distribution of advanced information for the benefit of the educational community Yes many of us that hold advanced degrees don’t require a title to be recognized Only those without a medical background commonly use the title outside of the college or publishing community This says a lot about the person, not necessarily favorable This is written by a person who obvious is superficial and in not in possession of desired degrees nor recognition

  13. Mrs Rosario is respectful. What is wrong with referring to her with that title? He could have called her a n****r. Making an issue out of things like she did here is why some black people get called that. When are the black people going to get back to accepting the same rights as everyone else instead of thinking they should be given some special consideration because of their race. If this had been a white woman the man would not have been removed for calling her Mrs.

  14. According to the Charlotte Observer report, the woman that ‘raised the stink over her name was on the list of speakers as ‘Greensboro Resident Carrie Rosario’. How would anyone have known she had a title as a Doctor which she felt strongly about be addressed by? Looks like she went in with an agenda to create an situation that gave her the opportunity to then imply that she was disrespected based on the color of her skin. So what if she had an Academic title? How would anyone know that unless she provided that information when she registered to be a speaker? If that was SO important to her then why didn’t ‘Carrie Rosario’ register as “Doctor Carrie Rosario”? I hate RACISM but I Despise FAKE ACCUSATIONS OF RACISM EVEN MORE. IF a persons skin color is what makes them feel important & respected then they have deeper issues in their life that need to be addressed. Maybe everyone should take a step back & remember that we each were created by the same Creator & if anyone has ever had the opportunity to look inside a person they would know that we’re ALL the same color inside.

  15. How do y’all think President Trump felt during his presidency. He was told to shut during a debate by Biden. And he did not go after Joe for what he said and he was the greatest President in the past 50 years and still is.

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