Young mother found dead in car was parked at mall for 3 weeks

Christina Lee Powell, 39, a Texas mother who was found deceased in her car that was parked at a nearby mall just a few miles from her home, continues to perplex investigators.

Even as some of the most prominent pathologists in the country examine the case, Powell’s cause of death is still listed as “pending” while authorities desperately attempt to determine what, exactly, happened that ultimately led to her death and discovery at the nearby parking lot, Fox News reports.

“They’re waiting for toxicology, that’s most important – most important,” longtime forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht told Fox News Digital.

The doctor added: “They’ll also look at tissues microscopically – make sure there’s no evidence of inflammation of the heart or lungs or something like that.”

According to the Daily Mail, Powell’s body, sadly, went unnoticed in her parked car for nearly three weeks. Powell arrived at the strip mall where her body was eventually found only 30 minutes after rushing out of her house one day, as new security footage revealed. Investigators haven’t the slightest clue as to why she did that.

The Daily Mail added: “According to the San Antonio Police Department, the guard noticed a foul odor when he approached the vehicle and called in cops at 6.45pm after seeing Powell inside the car.”

Powell’s mother doesn’t believe that it was a suicide — she thinks her daughter was overcome by the extreme heat, possibly during an anxiety attack, which would have led to Powell losing consciousness inside the vehicle, and eventually dying from heat stroke.