Young Kansas state lawmaker, a Democrat, arrested for second time in one month

A 21-year-old Kansas state lawmaker, Democrat Aaron Coleman, was arrested for the second time in the past month, according to The Washington Times.

It was over the weekend that Coleman, who was described as “embattled” in his career, was arrested by the Kansas State Police on the suspicion of drunk driving. He was taken to a nearby jail until he was bonded out the next morning, which sparked a new round of calls for his resignation.

The arrest was the second one in under a month, as he was previously hauled in over an alleged domestic violence incident, specifically, domestic battery, which stemmed from an argument he had with his brother. That incident took place on Oct. 30.

Not only has he been hauled to jail twice, as a sitting Kansas Democratic lawmaker, but Coleman entered office under controversy as well, having admitted to committing prior abuses against young women. It’s a wonder how he was actually elected by voters.

Adding more icing to his embattled political cake, Coleman was also banned last month from the Kansas Department of Labor’s offices over an alleged disruption, though he claimed he was only attempting to assist his constituents.

Many believe Coleman is nothing more than an immature young man who managed to charm his way into relatively high office, though the most recent chatter after his second arrest looks more like his career is quickly coming to an end.

That’s because there were joint calls from Kansas House Speaker Ron Ryckman, a Republican, and Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly for Coleman to resign over his seemingly perpetual scandalous lifestyle.

The Democratic governor went as far as saying that if he doesn’t resign on his own, the Kansas Legislature should take appropriate actions to vote him out of office before he ends up in yet another bad situation that would further embarrass his party.

Only time will tell if Coleman resigns, but if he ever wants a crack at a political career in the future, it would serve him best to bow out and mature another 10 years or so.