Young GOP candidate handily defeats Dem opponent in highly watched race

Over the past few years, it wasn’t uncommon to hear a national-level Democrat express confidence that the party will soon take the traditionally red state of Texas, which isn’t as much of a stretch as the idea once was, given how many transplants from California and other liberal states are flocking to live there.

However, as PJ Media pointed out, Democrats have a long way to go in their dream of turning Texas blue, which was evidenced once again in a special mayoral race in Fort Worth after former Republican Mayor Betsy Price stepped down. Democrats poured a ton of money into a Democratic candidate’s campaign only to ultimately come up short, as a Republican candidate won the day.  

The race boiled down to Deborah Peoples, the former Democratic chair of Tarrant County, versus former Price aide Mattie Parker. While the race was originally supposed to be a non-partisan affair, Peoples received tremendous monetary support from the Democratic party along with landing high-powered endorsements from Texas Democrats like Beto O’Rourke and Julian Castro.

But Parker prevailed, comfortably winning the mayoral race with 53% of the vote compared to Price’s 46%. Parker, 37, also became the youngest mayor of a major American city.

Price congratulated Parker on the big win, releasing a statement via Twitter in which she said “Mattie undoubtedly has the heart for service and the head for policy that we need leading Fort Worth during this time of rapid growth and change.”

National-level Democrats were all but certain in the lead-up to the 2020 election that Democratic candidates would ultimately prevail in the Lone Star State but failed at a number of levels, including at the presidential level, as former President Donald Trump defeated then-candidate Joe Biden with 53% of the vote, which was closer than many would have liked to see, but still seven points ahead of Biden.

Parker’s win was a stern reminder to the left that they have a long way to go before they can even hope to turn the state light purple, let alone deep blue.

Of course, anything can happen in the coming years, but it would be ill-advised for anyone to bet that Democrats are able to take over the great state of Texas anytime soon.