Women’s rights group fires staff after its leaders were revealed to have helped Andrew Cuomo

Disgraced ex-Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) legacy continues to generate headlines, this time in the form of a women’s rights organization announcing a total shake-up of their operations.

According to Fox News, an anti-harassment group called Time’s Up announced that the organization now undergoing a “major reset” after it was revealed that several of its leaders had advised Cuomo early on in his sexual misconduct scandal, which wasn’t exactly the best look for an organization that fights for women’s rights.

The organization released a statement on Friday, announcing that it is now focused on complete transparency in the wake of the devastating revelations, and presumably hoping to do enough damage control to convince its members and donors that it’s still worthy of its primary mission statement.

“The Board of Directors of TIME’S UP today announced a major reset of the women’s rights organization,” a statement read.

Time’s Up board chair Gabrielle Sulzberger added: “TIME’S UP stands for accountability and systematic change in the workplace. It is incumbent on us to learn from these findings, and focus on building an organization that powerfully serves women of all kinds and ends the impunity of sexual harassment and assault in the workplace.”

“This is a needed reset, not a retreat,” Sulzberger said.

Apparently, the group wasn’t joking about the total reset, as not only did many members of its leadership receive their walking papers, including the organization’s president, but it also fired its existing staff, announcing that it provided them severance packages that they’ll collect until March 1 next year.

Reportedly, the organization hired an outside consulting firm that recommended the complete shake-up of its existing operations.

“Our movement and the stakes for our entire society and future generations are so much bigger than one organization or title,” said interim president and CEO Monifa Bandele.