Woman injured in brutal Mother’s Day assault in grocery parking lot

Law enforcement authorities in Louisville, Kentucky are probing a brutal Mother’s Day attack in a grocery store parking lot that left a disabled army veteran bloodied and suffering from a broken nose, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Pamela Ahlstedt-Brown reported to police that while parked in a handicapped space at a local Kroger store, she noticed that another vehicle was blocking her. She subsequently exited her car to ask if she might provide assistance, and that is when the confrontation began.

According to Ahlstedt-Brown, her offer of help was immediately met with “F – – – you, you white b – — -” from one of the four young Black women in the vehicle believed to have been a Dodge Charger or Challenger. At that point, one of the women threw a cup in Ahlstedt-Brown’s direction and the group proceeded to physically attack her.

“I mean, they were beating me, and I was in a fetal position, covering my face, making sure they didn’t get my eyes, Ahlstedt-Brown recalled, according to the Examiner.

Eventually, according to the victim, passers-by, rather than Kroger’s own security personnel, stepped in to stop the altercation, but the alleged attackers departed the scene with no further intervention.

Ahlstedt-Brown sustained a broken nose in the melee, and her face and clothing was bloodied, causing her husband Edward to explain how traumatic the experience was for their family, telling local NBC affiliate WAVE, “It was terrible for [their children] and for me to have their mom come home in that condition.”

Suffering from anxiety and nightmares since the incident occurred, Ahlstedt-Brown remains grateful that she made it home alive. She and her husband expressed their concern that race may have been a motivating factor in the incident, given the verbal insult that kicked off the violent assault.

The Examiner noted that the investigation undertaken by the Louisville police into the incident remains ongoing, with officials from the department saying that the courts will determine whether hate crime charges are warranted.

The Louisville Metropolitan Police Department has asked anyone with information on the attack to contact its anonymous tip line, and with any luck, those responsible will be brought to justice sooner rather than later.

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  2. dont know if anyone read the entire article. there is more to this story than written. I believe the women knew their victim. she is married to a black man and has biracial kids. that may have been the source of their anger. just saying. good thing that did not happen in front of me. I would have shot each one, and claimed I was saving a life. citizens are going to start packing, and I dont mean for vacation. we have to. it is our only defense, as these people usually travel in packs. they dont have the nerve to do it alone. that is what makes them animal-like in their actions. and if you notice, they usually go after the defenseless ones, or the elderly. it just infuriates me. come on thugs, pick on me. I look defenseless, but I guarantee you I am no where near it. and I live in a state where these crimes are heavily punished. my governor has a real spine.

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  7. And you are a reason they get away with this crap! When are you going to learn that these are not GOOD blacks. And they should be prosecuted as a hate crime. I hope Louisville has the guts to prosecute

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  9. WOW you people need to open your eyes there has been a dramatic increase in violence in attacks on people of color and and a dramatic rise in White supremacist groups that has escalated in the last 5 years. And all you Maga worshipers are the worse You are not Real republicans You follow a Cult Leader who who wants to be Americas Hitler, Putin or Kim Jong-un people he looks up to . White Supremacists are now considered by the FBI and have been for a Several years as the biggest Terrorist Threat to this country. If you believe you are real Republicans you need to go back to your roots and not follow a narcissistic person like trumpy. If you want to live under a toleration leader move to one of the countries that those I have mentioned Control.

    1. Nothing could be further from the truth. Trump was chosen by God. You’re buying an extremely slanted, prejudicial view of the communist agenda to disrupt our nation’s peace to introduce the communist way via BLM, who don’t care at all about blacks, just communism. Wake up and smell the coffee. Don’t buy their rhetoric. History shows communists do the same strategy over & over & it never worked. Study communist history and you’ll see the nonsense you’ve fallen for. Don’t buy it. Turn to God. He gives you the truth.

    2. Marie, go soak your head in the toilet. You might absorb something that would improve your intelligence. None of this nonsense about “white supremacists” being the worst terror threat to the US came out until Hidin’ Biden got into office. NOT ONE WORD!!! If you really believe that, then you best build you a real strong bunker. There are some very small groups of people who strut around, mostly out in the woods, talking about what they are gonna do (right after they finish this case of beer), then they go home, fall asleep, sober up, and go back to work on Monday. You need to watch the news, about all the gun stores that are being burglarized, with multiple weapons, and mucho ammo stolen, and the surveillance video shows young black men in almost every case. Arming up? Or maybe just stealing and selling on the street corner?
      BTW, I heard this morning (5/17/21) that 45 (forty five!!!) people were shot in Chicago this past weekend. I believe 5 were fatalities. 45 shot in 48 hours!!!!! My guess is, at least 40 of them were blacks, and were shot by other blacks. That is what the black leaders in this country need to be concentrating on, not the so called threat by “white supremacists”. If you go all the “white supremacists” in the country together in one place, you couldn’t make a decent crowd for a high school football game in rural Texas, on Thursday night (that’s when the “B” teams play).

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    1. There are good and bad in all races. I have two black friends that told me that there is no one more racist than another black person.

      1. Lb, oh so true. I have heard black folks say things about other black folks that sound like they came out of a KKK publication! That surprised the heck out of me when I was young and ignorant, but as I matured, and learned more about the REAL world, not so much. Because, in nearly every instance where I heard such a comment, they were pretty much on target. They were criticizing bad behavior, not skin color.

  11. I went to college with a Black Man and I will tell you he and I had lunch every day and he and his family are welcome in my home anytime they want to come. Just remember we all bleed the same color.

  12. This will stop when whites wise up and start carrying firearms. Self defense is a given in these times

  13. There are plenty of respected an respectful blacks. But the laws should not be any different for racist crimes and this surely was a racially motivated crime.

    1. For every one “respected black” there are at least 2 or 3 dozen who aren’t so respectable. Keep America safe and beautiful, PLUG A THUG sa

  14. Remember democrats want to divide, create hate, have us kill each other as rich dems sit back and watch blacks kill their own and whites.
    Democrats and fbi gestapo are murders

  15. Most of these people that attack others are just looking for trouble. There are white supremacists, racists, etc. We all sin. That is why Jesus died. Those that ignore God, do not know God. Why would God except someone that does things like this? He will not until they repent. Unfortunately, violence and hate is from the devil. God says, “ If you hurt one of my children, you will pay the price.” We are only in God’s family when we have repented of our sins, been Baptized and accepted Jesus died for our sins. Then only God will give the Holy Spirit of understanding. This body will die. The second death is the important one. Is it going to be Heaven or Hell? What is it gonna be? The only race that is important is how many people you can help and lead to God before the body dies. Faith not Fear.

  16. If she “hopped”out of the vehicle to see what they wanted, why was she parked in a handicap space? The attack was uncalled for. People no longer respect the rights or the space of others. That said, the “woke” movement and Sleepy Joe have emboldened those who have no respect for others.

    1. C.D. did it occur to you that she may have had a handicapped person in her car, or she saw what was happening and then just pull off the street into the first place she could, and it happen to be a handicapped space??? For what ever reason she was trying to help a fellow human being, then she found out that they were not human. I did not vote for BO, but as soon as he got into office, it was real clear he was evil and in there to destroy our country. He set us back into the 50’s where there was true racism; it’s just gotten worse and worse. God help us all.

      1. she herself is handicapped, and parked in the spot designated for that. animals just have to hunt. it can’t be bred out.

    2. A person can have a handicap and it not be totally obvious. Handicaps don’t just involve the legs, kneecaps and feet.

  17. Shouldn’t this so-called congresswoman waters be held responsible for this…..???? After all, this is exactly what she meant as she said that they should CONFRONT people even more IF/WHEN Chauvin doesn’t get convicted, but he did, and now some darkies are acting out anyway

  18. But according to the democrats and the main stream media only white people are racist. Blacks can’t be racist simply because they are black. This kind of bs being spread by the democrats and the msm is exactly why this kind of sh*t is happening.

  19. But according to the democrats and the main stream media only white people are racist. Blacks can’t be racist simply because there black. This be being spread by the democrats and men is exactly why this kind of s**t is happening.

  20. why is it that the racists always get offended by the slur on blacks? Are they Americans? racial slurs are used SPECIALLY by racists to call everyone that does not denounce whites or America and then they get offended by scj like the idiot above, dan gibson, that your s$$ is overleading your alligator a$$. no racial slur is worse than any other.. If you claim to be ….-american then go back to where you claim to be from. … and dont tell me you hate america, I DONT CARE>>>

  21. As An 82 year old Veteran who served with my black and brown brothers and sisters that I respected for their service to our Country and race never played any part in my respect. We all served together. I’m surprised that young black women are so irate. The Democrats is using race to destroy our Country and creating these types of attacks. Stop it. Love one another. stop the hate, life is short, enjoy one another.

  22. I am guessing some (maybe all) of these people are working for scammers. The person making X amount of money works for a company that incepts calls a person makes to large computer support centers. I am guessing that when the person who answers the call made to the computer support puts the customer on hold to transfer the call to an actual tech. During this time the person is put on hold, the scammer intercepts and tells the customer that they are the tech who will help fix their computer. The scammer gets into the customer’s computer to check it out and quotes a price to fix it. I have 1st hand experience with this but won’t bore you with details. I was one of the lucky one’s who got my money back. So people who say they they make X amount of dollars working from home, make sure you know all the details of the company you are working for.

  23. Just another example of life in Joe Bidens Nightmare America. Nothing will change until he himself is likewise confronted.

    1. I don’t appreciate your comment and I am not black. There is no excuse for what you said. It is people like you that are causing the problem not necessarily black. There are good black and good white and there are bad black and bad white and you appear to be one of the bad white.

      1. I agree. No need for name calling, that doesn’t help. Good and bad in every race. I gave some wonderful black friends, brown friends, etc. when people make comments like was made above, they are no better. It’s still hate.

        1. That is not name calling! They is what they is, and they are not good black people they are what equalizer called them. Thank obama for resurrecting the use of this word. They is what they is!!!!!

          1. Rf, I used to work with a black guy that said “anybody can be a n—. Just depends on how they act”. I kinda think he may have had a point. It’s more a question of character than a question of color. But, I would bet a silver dollar that there will be not hate crime charges brought against the attackers (if they are ever apprehended).

      2. Equalizer is obviously a white liberal lefty besmirching white conservatives by pretending to be a redneck.

      3. I think Equalizer is just venting! You have to admit though, most of the crime being committed is by blacks. They kill more of each other than whites killing blacks.

      4. look up the definition of the word nigger. it does not only mean a person of color. it means action, or lack thereof. and who cares that it affects you that way? not me. I saw my loved one shot in the face by one. ever try to un-see that? so, to me some are niggers and earn that title righteously. it refers to behavior, or lack of humanity also. these women qualify many times over. and my loved one was a decorated DRUG INTERDICTION OFFICER., 28 yrs of age. and, thanks to bhl’s, like yourself, his killer is still on death row, 34 yrs later. I can wait.

    1. Life in the jungle of Louisville….typical of other jungle run jungle cities like Baltimore, New Orleans, Richmond, Chicago, and more….

      1. All Democratic cities. One would think the residents who vote for these fools would figure it out eventually.

        1. paw paw, you answered your own question. The fools vote the fools into office. And since you can’t fix stupid, they will never learn. A fool is as eternal as the sun rising in the east, and setting in the west. And, unfortunately, our education/indoctrination system is turning out more fools these days than thinkers.

  24. Hey Website administrators — check out the first three comments left below this tragic story. Is this you want ??


      1. Notice HOW AMERICA CHANGED INTO THIS PILE OF TRASH ever since Ovomit became the first cheating black POTUS? YEP, everything they touch they destroy.

        1. Yes, I sure did notice that is when it seemed to start, with that evil Obama … thought maybe I was alone feeling that way. Actually anybody with an ounce of common sense should know it started with him.

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        1. How? I’m sick of it, too. Notice on all our sites, that is the first and sometimes the first and second, as well, to be posted.

          1. Just IGNORE them, I feel bad for the woman who was beaten by the black women. She is suffering now from PTSD because they took their racial hatred out on her. This is due to the left letting the blm get away with all the violence.

      1. That’s horrible and the store should have cameras to help identify the creeps. Democrats are causing all this racial division and really ignorant people are falling for it and attacking.

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