Woman born in US who joined ISIS loses SCOTUS appeal to get a US passport

An Alabama woman who was reportedly radicalized online, who then left the United States to join the ranks of the Islamic State terror group (ISIS), and later realized the great error she made, received bad news this week at the hands of the Supreme Court.

According to Yahoo News, Hoda Muthana, who was originally born in New Jersey to a Yemeni diplomat but was later raised in Alabama, was denied her last-resort attempt to regain her U.S. passport, which was stripped after she defected for Syria, with her father’s status as a foreign diplomat at her birth cited as the reason. 

Children of diplomats are not automatically considered U.S. citizens, a point that was made clear in a 2019 lawsuit filed by her family with the hopes of Muthana gaining U.S. citizenship.

Debate ensued regarding more complex details of the case concerning when her father was, and wasn’t, officially a diplomat.

After her apparent radicalization in 2014, Muthana would go on to join ISIS, but would later surrender to U.S. forces as U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces decimated the remaining ranks of ISIS, a group that held significant power and influence before they were wiped out under the direction of former President Donald Trump.

Eventually, Muthana admitted that she was regretful of her decision to defect to the terror group, and had requested to be able to return to the United States with a child she beared as an Islamic State bride.

Notably, Muthana’s whereabouts are currently unknown, and attempts by Yahoo News — and presumably other outlets — to reach out for an update to her attorney, Christina Jump of the Constitutional Law Center for Muslims in America, were not returned.

It’s important to note that Muthana was stripped of her U.S. passport under former President Barack Obama, but she appeared in the news during her original request to return after Trump made clear that his administration believed she was too much of a threat to return to America, as USA Today reported at the time.

While any human would agree that it’s beyond sad that her young child will likely never get the chance to live free, the decision to join the most barbaric terrorist organization in human history was hers to make, and now she must live with the consequences.