Woes worsen at Trump-hating CNN as ratings continue steep decline

Having willingly established itself as an unabashedly left-wing propaganda outlet during the Trump administration and after, CNN is facing a series of troubles that include controversies surrounding on-air hosts as well as multiple low-ratings streaks sure to give network executives pause, as Mediaite reports.

With rare exception, the media landscape in 2021 has not been especially friendly to CNN with the network suffering number of humiliating ratings results that included a recent week in which the network did not attract a million viewers for each of the seven included days.

During that period, the liberal outlet averaged just 858,000 viewers, a tally that represented a notable drop since the highs seen in January of this year, propelled by disputes over the results of the 2020 presidential election and the unrest at the Capitol.

As Mediaite notes, that week was bad enough, but the unsettling news for CNN did not stop there, as according to Nielsen, the network has seen 14 consecutive weeks so far this year in which it averaged under a million in its “Prime Time” and “Total Day” averages. When it comes to just the “Total Day” results, CNN saw 24 out of 31 weeks draw fewer than a million pairs of eyes.

As Mediaite further pointed out, a useful comparison can be made by the fact that it has not been since late December of 2018 that cable news rival Fox News saw a week in which average viewers fell beneath the million-viewer mark.

According to Forbes, CNN is also faltering in the area of audience trust, with new research from Brand Keys for Media Post revealing that both it and MSNBC saw declines in that critical metric, while Fox News achieved gains.

Those results stemmed from the research group’s own “emotional engagement analysis” that included 3,975 respondents weighted for political affiliation as well as gender who also reported watching the news outlets at least three times per week.

As CNN continues to remain embroiled in the controversy surrounding evening host Chris Cuomo, whose close involvement with the scandals plaguing his brother, soon-to-be-ex-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), network executives have faced intense criticism and pressure to dispense with the prime time personality.

Having recently dispatched its own self-declared media watchdog, Brian Stelter, to mildly scold Cuomo, but not truly call for his firing over the blatant conflict of interest and flagrant disregard for journalistic ethics, CNN has only itself to blame for shedding viewers by the truckload and losing Americans’ trust – perhaps permanently.