Wisconsin Supreme Court hands major loss to state Democrats, including governor

Wisconsin Democrats, including the state’s attorney general and its governor, took a massive loss over the past week as the Wisconsin Supreme Court moved to limit Democratic power in the state.

According to the Daily Caller, Gov. Tony Evers (D) and AG Josh Kaul (D) attempted to oust a man called Frederick Prehn, a Republican appointee to the Wisconsin Board of Natural Resources (DNR board).

The two Democrats, and their legal counsel, ran into a major roadblock in their attempt after the state’s highest court ruled in favor of Prehn. The Democrats argued that Prehn’s term expired last year and that he should be removed, with a replacement — undoubtedly a Democrat-friendly appointee — to take his place.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled otherwise, writing that “The expiration date of Prehn’s position does not create an automatic vacancy.”

The Democratic governor had sought the ability to make a provisional appointment to fill the position, only to be blocked by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

To say Evers was unhappy with the ruling would be an understatement.

The AP reported that Evers said, “Today, I remind the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the Republican Party of this state that we do still live in a democracy, a very basic function of which is the peaceful and respectful transfer of power, even – and most especially – when you lose.”

Gov. Evers added: “[His appointees] should be considered on their merit, and should have the opportunity to serve the people of our state, regardless of whether or not they were appointed by a Democrat or share the same ideas as Republicans in the Legislature.”