White House surrounded by protestors angry at Biden for leaving Americans defenseless in Afghanistan

The White House was the scene of a rally on Wednesday, Aug. 25 as Americans brace for what is already massive fallout from American troops withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

According to Breitbart News, Wednesday’s rally was focused on prayer for the Middle East nation and everyone who will be affected by the Taliban rule. 

The event was coordinated by the Concerned Women for America where they condemned the abandonment of Americans, women, and children in Afghanistan

CWA, which isthe nation’s largest public policy women’s organization, calls themselves a “coalition of faithful female leaders.”

The group announced on August 2o, that they would gather outside of the White House in Washington, D.C., to pray for the ongoing human rights crisis unfolding in Afghanistan.

Their mission was to “lift up the innocent in prayer and demand the White House protect the innocent,” according to their press relief and they also demanded protection for Americans and Afghan women and children.

“The footage and testimonials out of Afghanistan are horrific. Americans are stuck and women and children are in crisis,” Concerned Women for America CEO and President Penny Nance said in their press release.

“Interpreters who worked with us are being tortured to death, Afghani women are pleading for rescue from the Taliban, burning anything that shows their accomplishments, and handing their babies over razor wire to British soldiers out of despair. Women and young girls in Afghanistan will now be forced into a life of oppression.

The group’s leader ended her statement with a scathing rebuke, saying “The Biden Administration’s abrupt departure strategy will impact America’s reputation and safety for generations to come.”