White House staffers fired for pot use, despite Kamala’s prior admission of same

The “do as I say, not as I do” tendency so commonly observed among Democrats has apparently reared its head yet again in a new staffing controversy to hit the White House.

According to Fox News, five administration staffers have been dismissed from their jobs and dozens subjected to other personnel actions due to their past use of marijuana, a move that has attracted claims of hypocrisy given the fact that just last year, Vice President Kamala Harris freely admitted her own prior experience with the drug.

The firings also raised eyebrows because personnel policies at the White House had recently been adjusted so that prior marijuana use would not serve as an automatic bar to employment, a move done in acknowledgment of the fact that pot is legal in certain parts of the country, though its use remains unlawful under federal statute, as NPR noted.

According to Forbes, those seeking positions in the Biden administration were asked about prior marijuana use during the application process, but were assured that such conduct would be overlooked. However, numerous staffers were subsequently informed that they would have to resign or be put into a remote work program as a result of their admissions.

A frustrated former staffer lamented to The Daily Beast, “The policies were never explained, the threshold for what was excusable and what was inexcusable was never explained.”

The personnel moves are particularly curious in light of Harris’ own 2020 appearance on popular urban radio program The Breakfast Club in which she was asked if she had ever personally partaken in the drug. “I have, and I inhaled,” she replied.

Harris went on to explain her belief that marijuana use “gives a lot of people joy and we need more joy,” as Fox News further noted, also making reference to her Jamaican heritage in an apparent attempt to portray her own pot use as somehow culturally inevitable.

As Forbes noted, reaction across the Twitterverse to the human resources revelation was swift and pointed, with Discourse Blog founder Jack Mirkinson saying the Biden administration’s decision was “the dumbest possible thing, but it’s also exactly the kind of thing the government of an old man who spent decades leading the drug war would do.”

While this episode represents a somewhat amusing example of elites engaging in their usual game of “rules for thee, but not for me,” perhaps it will at least help a few young liberals open their eyes to the double standards their political heroes are so frequently fond of imposing.

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  4. SHE’S ALL GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S THOSE YOUNG KIDS THAT WILL TELL ALL STONED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Everything is a joke to Harris. She was the most rejected candidate during the primaries by the democrats . Harris was Obama’s choice. Obama brought
    Harris in thru the back door . Then Obama campaigned for Biden. But till that time Obama was heard on open mic saying Joe has a way of screwing things up
    I bet dollars to donuts Harris has not unpacked yet. & is licking her chops till she can move across the street into the White house . Watch the next move she could possibly pick Susan Rice as her VP.
    The American Citizens need to remove by impeachment right away . Biden/Harris & Polosi, Schumer before any can do more damage to the USA

  6. I would definitely file a lawsuit for discrimination. Who the hell is Harris that she can get away with it but nobody else can!? The democrats are so hypocritical, I just can’t understand people voting for them! They lie constantly, raise our taxes, kill our jobs, raise our gas prices, and you fools still vote for them and now this empty suit that we have in our White House is going to get us in a shooting war! What the hell is wrong with you people!?

  7. Harris.has to smoke pot because she knows that the Democrats stole the election so she can get it out of her Head that she isn’t the Vice president.

  8. Since Kamala admitted to using she as well as the others who already lost their jobs should loose her job. Ignorance and self preservation run wild for the democrats. What a bunch of liars and losers.

  9. So, does that mean v.p. is fired ALSO???
    IT’S not RIGHT for HER to not be FIRED..
    Hey biden your an idiot…
    We need President TRUMP back!!!!!!
    Hey v.p. YOUR FIRED!!!!!
    Maybe we do need a stoner in office

  10. Biden and Harris have been taking advantage of the abuse they put in place on the United States of America. They don’t care about anyone of us that live here. All the Executive orders they have signed have done nothing but kill our economy and try to kill us with them opening our borders for all the illegals to infiltrate. We can not afford to take care of our own people. They are planning on raising our income taxes to pay for the mess they created. Time to stop this madness ! IMPEACH them now for they are leading us down the drain very fast !

  11. She’s a democrat – laws don’t apply to her !!! This nation of laws has gone to the wayside !!! What ever happened to justice being equal ???

    1. All of which makes me vomit everytime I see clips of democrat political figures who spout the time honored tradition of declaring “No one is above the law”.

    2. This country is hell bent heading for a second civil war with demorats against republicans! I’m white and I love my friends of color because their word is gospel and I would trust them with my life so I hope that it will not be the whites against the colored! God will have to take over to prevent a second civil war!

  12. Carmala Harris should also be dismissed for her use of drugs……. she is not above the law….

  13. Harris is no good for our country never did care for her after she was rude To Mike pence.

    I hope she gets whats coming to her. She slept with a married man. This tells me all I need to know.

    She’s a hoe.

  14. What is good for one should be good for all. Equality….. now fire kasmella. But being democrat gets you a race card stuck right in your phamplet handed to ya at swearing in. I know i tried it but did not inhale excuse.

  15. Let’s fire everyone at the White House who’s family owned slaves be fired…that would be Kamala Harris. She bragged about smoking weed & said it was enjoyable & EVERYONE deserves some enjoyment. I guess the White House policy doesn’t have the same belief so tell me….WHEN will Harris be fired????

  16. yes she is and it is going to get worse because all of them are so two faced and such big liers you you can’ believe a word they say and if we don’t get rid of a lot of them this country will go to hell in a hand basket I hope every one of the Republicans stand up against them or we need to vote them out God Bless America

  17. Teflon Democrat’s The only thing the Democrat’s can FIX are elections every thing else they Destroy.

  18. nobody likes or respects that hoe

    and if you ck her parents out, her fathers family were major slave owners

    and ck out how she got in to a law school (special program specifically for unqualified….)

    harris is pure trash

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