White House staffer who tested positive for COVID was in close contact with Biden

President Joe Biden is now reportedly at risk of contracting COVID-19, given emerging reports that he came into “close contact” with a mid-level White House staffer who later tested positive for the virus, according to The Washington Times

If it’s to be believed, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reported that the president was administered COVID testing on Monday and results came back negative. He is scheduled to tested again on Wednesday.

“As CDC guidance does not require fully vaccinated people to quarantine after an exposure,” Psaki said on Monday. “The president will continue with his daily schedule.”

Many believe that even if the president has, in fact, contracted COVID-19, it would quickly be covered up by the White House and its allies in the mainstream media, as it would make for a public relations disaster, given that the Biden administration continues to push vaccine mandates on every single American adult and child.

The contact between the president and the unnamed staffer, who was described as “mid-level” and who rarely has contact with POTUS reportedly was around Biden during a flight on Air Force One flight from South Carolina to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It should be noted that the staff member in question was fully vaccinated and boosted, and didn’t begin to experience symptoms until Sunday. It remains unclear if the staffer contracted the highly-contagious omicron variant of the virus.

The news prompted many in the media to question whether or not the president had actually contracted COVID-19, and those questions were raised once again on Tuesday, as Biden delivered yet another doom-and-gloom “winter of death” speech to the nation, throughout which he repeatedly coughed, sneezed, and cleared his throat.

Only time will tell if the president does, in fact, contract COVID-19 after being vaccinated and boosted. If he does, the White House will have quite a bit of explaining to do.