White House rebrands Kamala’s husband’s name so that it appears more formal

There’s a reason why Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband goes by “Doug” Emhoff or to some, “Dougie.” He’s apparently a laid-back, casual, t-shirt-wearing guy who likes to share silly dad-level jokes and usually sports a smile.

However, according to the New York Post, that image didn’t sit well with certain people on then-candidate Joe Biden’s transition team. In order to appear more formal and serious, “Doug” was changed to “Douglas” in press releases and other materials, in what many believe was an effort to rebrand the newly-minted Second Gentleman into something he’s not. 

The 56-year-old didn’t have his name involuntarily changed until after Biden tapped Harris to be his vice president. Through the entirety of Harris’ presidential campaign, he went by the casual “Doug,” by which most people knew him.

Not only does Emhoff go by “Doug” on his official Twitter account, a profile on the website of the law firm at which he works also lists him by the same name.

It was roughly a week prior to Biden’s inauguration that members of the transition White House began using “Douglas” instead, though the exact reasons are still unclear. Since that time, they continue to use “Douglas” instead of the shortened version.

Interestingly, some former staffers who worked for Harris were taken aback by the forced, formal lengthening of Emhoff’s first name, reportedly saying that the longer version simply doesn’t fit his style or personality.

One of Emhoff’s spokespeople attempted to put the controversy to rest, telling Politico that it’s “Safe to say like most people, his full and abbreviated names have always been used interchangeably.”

Last month, headlines were quickly generated after it was reported that the White House began the switch to referring to the current administration as the “Biden-Harris administration,” instead of the tradition of simply using the last name of the president, according to Fox News.

“I would take from it that Vice President Harris is an important partner, she’s the first in the room and the last in the room on most occasions if she’s in town,” Psaki said while adding that the change was a “reflection of the important role she will play moving forward,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in response to the change.

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  1. Gee so sorry that the democratic party does not like the name his name, it is none of their business it is his choice not theirs

  2. 78 Million plus Americans, know that the current administration cheated to be in office. Fraudulent votes, deceit, and extreme stress on the American public, is what this administration breeds… There is no justice with Joe Biden running this country… Joe Biden has done nothing for this country in his “first 100 days,” but sow division, and waste taxpayers money… The election was a shame, and that’s how Joe Biden will be remembered! Greed and power is destroying America. Greed and power will ultimately change the course of America forever… Unfortunately, the hard working Americans that helped to strengthen our economy, Veterans that served this country, and continue to fight for a better life for our next generation… and the same Americans that help our fellow man, no matter what color they may be, has no control over this mess… It’s disgusting on many levels, and American Patriots, that include hard working “tax paying citizens of America,” deserve better!

  3. Instead of worrying about someone’s name why don’t they take care of important business like the boarder.

  4. Instead of trying to cancel Doug or Dougee… why don’t this lame administration worry more about Russia entering the Black Sea and Biden cowardly turned out ships around! The next thing he will do is turn our ships around in the South China Sea and give his family’s piggy bank (China) what they want to a kick back from his loser son and brother.

    His poor foreign policy is F…k the USA and it’s citizens (unless you are black… or illegal). Just like Obama “the Bower”. What a loser disgrace of a so called American President. He was bowing (and probably on his knees) to every world leader he met!

  5. If I was married to this low life lady Hitler Demolocrap I would change my name also so no one would find out that I had made such a horrible mistake. That is probely the reason for it. I wouldn’t want any one to think that I was actually that stupid, everyone makes mistakes in life so that is a way to cover it up. I just hope that I am intelligent enough to not make a mistake like that.

  6. If that things husband was going to be true to himself and gain respect from anyone he should just file for a divorce. But he won’t because he is just as power hungry as the rest.

  7. All the Democratic Party are a bunch of Communistic A-HOLES. None of them are American, they need to be sent to Russia, or Communist China.

  8. If Harris’s husband wants to go by the name Doug, after all it is his choice, not By the name Douglas then let him and if the left doesn’t like it so what

  9. Ok, so, now Biden needs to go by JOSEPH; Harris needs to go by her married name; and how dare ANYONE having Doug go by Douglas if he does NOT want to be known by Douglas. Communism strikes again telling someone what name to go by. They ALL an “shove” it you-know-where!!!!

  10. We all know that Biden is just a puppet to Soros and Obama. They are the one’s pulling the strings and Harris was elected, not because she was smart or on top of things, but because she is part black. That was the goal & all their lies and promises were lies. It is very sad to think that there was so many citizens (and none citizens) that believed all the BULL S**T that they were sprewing around the country especially to the young people that think that almost everything will be free for them now. BIG AWAKEN IS COMING SOON. People need to work for a living or some day they will be living in card board boxes on the streets , if not worse.

  11. The entire Democrat Party and anything they stand for or push for is all smoke and mirrors designed to fool everyone. They cant win at anything if they were honest about their intentions – hence the lies and the steal. Learn it Live it and then do something about it.

  12. We all know the reason they call it the biden-harris administration. Is to set her up as the next president. Saying basically she already was. So it will give her credibility in 2024. What they aren’t counting on is true Americans not wanting her there because she is as big a pos as Biden and all the woke polit

  13. Take care more about titles or names than they do about running the country and going to the border. Just like Jill wants to be called doctor she has a phD big Whoop. Names and titles do not make a person. My mother taught me it’s how you were raised and apparently they were raised to cheat and lie and do whatever is necessary to get their power

    1. Diana: To me after looking at the Biden Crime family, With a PHD “Dr Jill” did a really lousy job as a mother raising Hunter and their daughter Ashley, who was in a rehab in Florida for alcohol
      abuse! I think they are gutter trash!

  14. Total idiots .Pathetic.Shows how fake these democrats are.My,Satan is having a hey day with them.We pray for them .They do not know what they are doing .Totally blind to reality

  15. Guess what we the people still don’t care about them. At all. The hollywood woke house reality tv show. All speeches are now just scripts from they daily program. Green screens, body doubles, hollywood woke house press too.. anything american stands for is not ok now… worthless all….

  16. This is great!! A VP of color that is given a position of respect in an administration. This should be applauded and ringing from the roof tops.

      1. HOPEFULLY a Joke!! Those who actually CARE about this country and the future of our children and grandchildren prefer that COMPETENT individuals are in charge!!!

    1. Rediculous! Why on Rarth would ones color have anything to do with qualifications for such a high office. People like you are setting back racial harmony 50 to 100 years.

    2. Kiss my backside. She doesn’t deserve respect. And she is NOT the First VP of color. Learn your history. That honor goes to Curtis who was VP under Hoover.

    3. It’s not great when the only reason a person of color gets a position is because their color. What has she done to deserve it?

        1. That is SO stupid! We are living in an upside down world! As if we didnt already know what crooks these people are doesn’t matter how they try to change their names or recreate the “image”!

        2. Lyin Briben biden and teh bribenettes: using schools to rape you children. All teachers are child abusers and they know they are. says:

          were you trying to say the word WHORE?

          Well she has a fake doctorate degree you know!!

        3. No, no matter how nice he is. She is nothing but a big mouth that Laughs over nothing. She thinks that she is hot stuff. She is about the worst person that could get elected to President if Joe Biden just disappears from the face of the Earth.

        4. Call it as that for which she is a whore after al she earned her nickname Heels UP Harris or what she is

      1. Absolutely right, RM. You , Terry, just asked for the SS to knock on your door and pay you a very serious visit with some possible federal charges against you for threatening the life of the President. . It is a terrible thing to say that someone ought to be killed because you disagree with them. I admit that I feel he was the wrong candidate for the office, but as far as killing him, you’d have to be nuts to suggest such a thing. I’m concerned because Sleepy, Creepy, Uncle Joe seems to be suffering from advancing dementia and as such, he is not fit to be President. I disagree completely with all of his policies, especially with his “gun control” ideas because they make “citizens”, into “subjects”. Also his economic policies are destroying this country and all of its industry, but KILL HIM. You have to be half nuts to suggest that. Pray for him–DEFINITELY! I’d even pray for Kamel Toes Harris. Even that might help. Although I think with their attitude toward abortion, the only prayer that God will hear from them is, “Have mercy on me, a sinner”.

          1. It is also what is making us be ignored, time for some real facts. Talking to the RATs is like whispering in the wind. Cuomos fart on tv was the loudest sound these idiots heard. Time for our coward republicans to make some plans that we can help with.

      2. Your right. He isn’t Mad Max Waters, who can say anything and get away with it. Better to just say F—k Biden. It probably won’t be long before they will arrest you for just disagreeing with him, after all the scum are running the Country now.

    1. NOT NECESSRY and NO ONE should have a “hit” put out on them…Terry – YOU are what’s wrong with the US…so easily declaring such a thing is not only ILLEGAL but is it immoral, narcissistic, opening a plethora of scenarios that should NEVER BE OPENED. Shame on you!!! Now, don’t get me wrong…I am NOT a fan of Biden…we just need to NOT vote for him OR IMPEACH him.
      That is the best and most effective way…NEVER CONDONE what you suggest!!!

      1. I don’t agree with what Terry suggests, but I can see his point. It is so frustrating to see our country run and ruined by these radical democrats!!

        1. Actually Terry didn’t say anything that the Dem’s in office hasn’t said about Trump and also that all the white people should be killed. So what is the difference? If a Republican says it it is against the law but if a Democrat says it, AND ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE AN ELECTED DEMOCRAT IN THE GOVENMENT, IT’S ok AND no one pays attention.

          1. How many times did the Democrats threaten Trump. How many times did the Democrats incite Antifa and BLM to try and get Americans killed. Well the problem is if someone does take a shot at old Biden, that person will be arrested that even said those words. It won’t make any difference how frustrated we are. I thought the same thing when a lot of people wanted Trump dead. Nobody ever had them arrested nor even taken off Face Book. We wanted to get rid of Obummer and you would have gotten arrested for even suggesting that or Hilary either one, but Dems do it all the time if they don’t get their Way. I want Harris to stop appearing in the ADDS on here.

          2. Yeah but it’s Okay to hold up a severed Trump head in front of the world but that’s different when you are worthless actress/comedian like kathy Griffen

      2. If a man is threatening you family, your home and your lifestyle your are saying you want him to have a sunshineie life. Evil is evil and that is the RATs lot in life.

    2. Lyin Briben biden and teh bribenettes: using schools to rape you children. All teachers are child abusers and they know they are. says:

      Oh I was hoping for a north Korean nuke to hit DC. preferably on a big Democrat convention in DC day.

    3. havng sleepy joe is bad enough if he goes you get harris then pelosi will try and get rid of her so she can become president do you really want that terry bell ?

      1. Well we actually have Oblammer making all the decisions now! Who do you think is stirring up all the racial trouble? Oblammer! He wanted to do all that radical stuff during his eight years as King, but didn’t have the balls!

    4. While I would not call for it I would not be sad if it happened. The only thing is we would have worse in Kamala even though that seems impossible it is possible. She is the worst of the worst. Somehow we have to find a way to actually live these 4 worst years in our recent history no matter what. Hopefully we learned a good lesson to protect our votes from now on. This administration makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t watch either of them speak as they make me sick.

      1. I believe Kamala Harris is married to Doug or Douglas in name only and she will eventually show what she really is in time. He is just a side kick. Know what I mean!

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