White House effectively acknowledges reality of looming recession

The Biden administration has long been a font of jumbled messaging when it comes to the current state of the economy, and despite repeated assurances from the president his surrogates that recession is “not inevitable,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre gave the game away last week, as Breitbart reports, when she claimed that the country is, in fact, well-prepared for the shockwaves to come.

Just last week, President Joe Biden bristled angrily when reporters asked about alarming prognostications from experts about the direction of the American economy, admonishing, “Don’t make things up, ok?”

“I was talking to [former Treasury Secretary] Larry Summers this morning. There’s nothing inevitable about a recession,” Biden added.

A host of administration officials have been making the rounds to assert the same or similar talking points in recent days, with National Economic Council Director Brian Deese declaring, “Not only is the recession not inevitable, but I think that a lot of people are underestimating…the resilience of the American economy,” as Politico reported.

Those sentiments have been publicly echoed – practically verbatim – by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, despite the contrary evidence seen daily by rank-and-file American voters facing skyrocketing prices everywhere from the gas station to the grocery store.

During the White House daily press briefing last Tuesday, Jean-Pierre found herself in the unenviable position of having to answer questions about the growing economic pressures facing the citizenry and, perhaps buckling under the pressure, seemed to admit – in her characteristically clumsy manner – the reality of a looming recession.

“We see that our economic strength that we have seen from this past year form the action that the president has taken with the American Rescue Plan with what we have seen with the historic gains, that is going to help us deal with the recession,” Jean-Pierre explained.

However, it did not take long for the beleaguered press secretary to catch her error and attempt a swift verbal course correction, insisting, “Right now, we don’t see a recession right now. We are not in a recession right now. Right now, we are in a transition.”

As usual, the Biden administration is telling Americans not to believe their lying eyes when it comes to the realities they experience during each and every trip to the pump or to the supermarket, but no amount of bungled spin from the podium is likely to improve Democrats’ prospects come November, when conditions are likely to have deteriorated even further.