White House contradicts Biden after he said there was a ‘crisis’ at the border

Communications officers at the White House have contradicted President Joe Biden after he referred to a “crisis” at the southern border, according to The Washington Examiner

White Press Secretary Jen Psaki made her statements Monday after Biden’s weekend comments that caused a stir in the media. 

“The president does not feel children coming to our border, seeking refuge from violence, economic hardships, and other dire circumstances, is a crisis,” Psaki said when asked about Biden’s comments. 

“He does feel that the crisis in Central America, the direct circumstances that people are fleeing from, that that is a situation we need to spend our time, our effort on, and we need to address it if we are going to prevent more of an influx of migrants from coming in years to come,” she told reporters.

Psaki’s comments came after Biden’s said on Saturday that “We’re gonna increase the numbers,” in reference to the cap on refugees admitted to the United States. 

“The problem was that the refugee part was working on the crisis that ended up on the border with young people, and we couldn’t do two things at once. And now we’re going to increase the numbers.”

Administration officials have been careful not to call the goings-on at the southern border a crisis, seeming to believe that avoiding naming the problem will make Americans less frustrated with it. 

Biden’s PR gaffe is just the most recent demonstration of his lack of familiarity with the linguistic gymnastics needed to exempt progressives from the same standards applied to conservatives. 

Paski has, in fact, addressed the terminology question brushing it away by saying, “I know that we always get into the fun of labels around here, but I would say our focus is on solutions … Clearly, the numbers are enormous. This is a big challenge.”

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40 Responses

  1. Good grief! What we’re missing here is the fact that Biden stated “…we couldn’t do two things at once…” We all better hope our country doesn’ t get attacked while he is eating dinner or occupying the bathroom!

  2. This president (JB) is not my President. He and his party are the worst thing that could possibly happen to America! Our founding fathers came to America to escape what the democrats are doing to us now, in, America, This country was set up from the grace of our HOLY Father and he has blessed us with greatest country on earth, What right does a bunch of nut heads, and GOD haters, have to tear my life, liberty and home for 75+years apart? This is not my country any more. I went to Nam twice for the country I Loved.; and fought, for, I guess it’s time to fight HERE!
    joe bidden YOU SUCK AND all your pals (this includes you obama)

  3. They have opened up the gates of hell on the southern border. The drug cartel, bringing drugs in which is killing so many of our young people in America, the human trafficking,… then enter the illegals who are only pawns for the democrats. The President of the US should be about America and its citizens first.We cannot continue to be the bread basket for the world because we are in crisis mode ourselves and will be for sometime.
    Wake Up White House!

  4. The democrats are a disgrace, they don’t care about Americans, I say either send “illegals” to democrats homes or return them to their countries.To those in the House and Senate we the people pay your salaries, we want this stopped NOW!

  5. There is a crisis, instead of increasing numbers, the numbers should be decreased and follow the rules instead of making our Country the free for all for other Countries that don’t want to take care of their citizens. How much money do we send these Countries, just because??

  6. Biden is a failure not only as president and leader but as a human too. The whole Democrat administration has gone to hell and they are trying to bring America down. Bring back Trump before we are ruined.

  7. and for this story, maybe you shouldn’t have told everyone to come here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hey, Mainstream St. Gazzette — love your articles and perspective on the current issues. BUT — how about having your tech department give us a thumbs up/down option on comments, edit feature to correct our errors, and the option to receive email notifications when someone responds to a comment we’ve made? I think it would increase comment participation by a lot and give us an opportunity to have some “conversation” with others who comment. Hope you see this and can do this for us. Thanks!

  9. Little red-headed Jenny seems as clueless as our faux “president.” Her comments make no more sense than his do. And unless the answers are written out for her, she can always circle back!! To quote my buddy, Bugs Bunny: “What a maroon!” 🙁

  10. The more biden opens his mouth, the worse it gets for us. I don’t like him never have, he’s vindictive, mean and a very sly person. We need to get rid if him ASAP, or we won’t have a country any longer!! I’m very worried……

  11. The good humans coming in waves are a problem but not the major problem.
    The drugs pouring in are a real problem as are the criminals embedded in the waves of humans.
    The drugs will kill American citizens in very high numbers but only the addicts will die.
    Terrorists are also a deadly concern.
    But the real problem is guns.
    If the Liberal Left succeeds in banning legal purchases or worse starts confiscating law abiding guns.
    The coyotes and smugglers will switch to gun-running and then truly only the outlaws will have guns.
    That is the real danger of open borders. Finish the wall and electronic monitoring systems now.
    Immediately return to Trumps border control methods.

  12. The crisis isn’t only on the border. It is also in D.C. since no one seems to be in charge. Joe says one thing then at the daily press conference something else comes out of the mouth of the press secretary. MS Harris is out doing something or someone but what she should be. Queen Nancy is on throne making all kind of weird statements and Motor Mouth Mad Maxine is out promoting riots. Will we survive? Probably but it will not be pretty.

  13. Yes, absolutely, there is a crisis crated by Biden as before no brain Biden stole the White House the boarder was in very good order with the co-operation of Mexico. Trump had the boarder so well controlled and now stupid Biden has destroyed all Trump’s good work. This man Biden has no brain that is functioning and yet he expects to be called president? Not by me! I am really afraid of what 4 years of this man can do to our country. Packing the court, doing away with boarder security raising taxes etc, etc. How many other no brain ideas are yet to come? I really don’t want to know!!! We are so stuck because if we impeach Biden we get Kamala no improvement there, and then if we impeach Kamala we get Piglosy again no improvement there. We need a thorough fraud investigation and get Trump back in his rightful place as our president before we completely lose our country as we have known it.

    1. Yesssss, you said it very well! We need Trump to save this country, and we need to get rid of Biden, he is no president, just an evil puppet. Yes, all of us need to work together to bring about change in the administration before he starts a war and/or totally destroys our country.

  14. Oh please give me a break!!
    I am so sick of them saying there’s no crisis down there at the border. If they would get down there and see it they would realize it. But for some reason Biden Harris are too scared to go down there and check it out for themselves. All these children coming in while they’re coming in with men and women that happen to be drug cartel, rapist, criminals child trafficking I mean what else. Oh you also have bad games too!!
    If we just admitted the children without these other people it would be fine but when you let them all in you’ve got a big problem. Right now you have drug cartel on tic tac trying to get children to go and work for them.
    The young children’s that were packed like sardines, it was terrible children shouldn’t be treated like that. And the children were getting raped how is that??
    Now he said that he “MAY”(that little word May socks a big punch)
    So again another lie.. they don’t plan on closing the border. Now with the crisis and that’s what it is the crisis they want American people to take in these illegal immigrant children. Put them in foster care. Right now we already have AMERICAN CHILDREN, THAT HAVE BEEN IN FOSTER CARE AND ON A LIST FOR A LONG TIME.
    Now are the American children going to be pushed aside so the immigrants could be first on list.
    If people take in those children there could be an attachment. Who brought in these children could have been the drug cartel that might come back and get the child. Or the same with all the other gangs and all the criminals that came through the border. You never know. Why don’t they get a big open lot build some buildings for these children to live in have it where they can go to school play games and etc.

    1. Just ask the people who own homes near the border….they will tell you all about the nightmare illegals.

    1. every democrat in congress needs to be arrested and tried for treason. The two idiots in the white house need to be publicly tried for treason on the south lawn of the white house. Both are crooks and biden is such a moron.

      1. It is beyond pathetic that they created this mess and have done nothing to stop this problem – their ego’s are too large to have kept Pres.
        Trumps policy in place – they want this to happen – they are truly so sick that they think they will have more voters at the expense of children and human beings – it is truly sick and incredibly sad – Biden-Harris truly do not care about these people it is a means to their ends and it will backfire.

        so disgusted with the Biden-Harris administration – everything that they are doing is anti America – it is pathetic. I truly do not believe that Biden won never will.

  15. Get rid of this administration an let’s be honest! No more lies to American people! There is a crisis an a mess everyone knows it.
    That press secretary is stupid to think The American people are stupid! Where is the unity where is it, all lies! All hot air.

  16. So Presididn’t (Go to the Border) Biden has not declared war against Russia or Turkey yet? Of course there is “crisis” at the border because there is no longer any border, just open areas for the Drug Cartels and their human cargo to come through the nonexistent border!

    1. They can’t stand it, the very first time he has told the truth since he was elected. No wonder they are in a tizzy. It should be called the liars club instead of the Dems.

    1. Someone needs to tell these poor souls that America is worse than where they are running from. It is a third world country now.
      Don’t risk you lives for this miserable mess.

      1. Be sure and include the RAMPANT negro law breaking! And the fact that far as the demoncRATs are concerned the negroes in the US can do whatever them damn well please!

  17. There is crisis at our southern border plain and simple you do not have to be a rocket scientist to see that

    1. The Dems want a crisis. They want to at focus Americans attention from all the other things this administration is up to.

      1. Yep they do! Type in antifa.com so typical of where it takes you. Want to do something? Go to Conventionofstates.com To: 1) set fed term-limits, 2) to get fed balanced budget, and 3) stop fed. over-reach and over-spending.

      2. I think you are correct. They want a distraction so they can do other things while we are focusing on boarder. We have to have eyes front and back now as Dems are so sneaky, full of hate and irresponsible. The boarder was in the best condition I can remember under Trump and now they simply destroyed it which shows they have no love for America just their own personal gains.

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