Whitaker: Democrats will end impeachment trial as soon as possible

On an interview on Fox News, former acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker, a firm defender of President Trump, made an impeachment trial prediction that the president is sure to like.

“The Democrats are going to quickly realize that this is a loser for them and they’re going to want to end it as quickly as they’re going to want to start it,” says Whitaker.

He went on to say that “The House should have heard evidence” and “should have taken witnesses.”

“Anything that’s being presented to the Senate in trial should … have already been considered and part of the record in the House,” Whitaker added. “It doesn’t exist because it was a rushed impeachment and so the Senate is going to quickly decide, probably as soon as tomorrow, whether or not they’re going to take witnesses.”

He went on to say if the Senate decides they will not be using witnesses, “it’s going to be a very short process.”

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