Whistleblower: CBP agents must receive COVID vaccine by Nov. 1 or face firing

In a truly sinister twist to the Biden administration’s COVID-19 authoritarianism, a whistleblower has reportedly informed two House Republicans that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents will be required to accept coronavirus vaccinations by Nov. 1 or lose their jobs, despite the lack of any such requirement for the legions of illegal migrants entering the country each and every day.

According to the New York Post, Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Tom McClintock (R-CA) have written to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to express their outrage at the the situation, suggesting that imposing such a mandate on the agents will “only make the Biden border crisis wor5se and make our country less secure.”

During an on-air interview with Laura Ingraham of Fox News, Jordan underscored the seriousness of what he was told, saying, “The people who have been busting their tails, enforcing our law, doing their job on the border – they’re gonna get fired if they don ‘t take the vaccine.”

Noting that migrants – whom the administration is ushering over the border with a wink and a nod at record-breaking numbers – have the freedom to choose whether or not they will receive the jabs, Jordan opined in exasperation, “That is how ridiculous the Biden administration has become.”

In their letter to Mayorkas, the congressmen emphasized that recruiting qualified personnel has historically been a challenge, given the strenuous tasks and stressful scenarios involved, and argued that a vaccine mandate will only make things worse at a time when the country can least withstand additional strain on the system.

The pair went further in criticizing the administration for exacerbating potential staffing concerns, declaring, “The locations of the job are typically remote and the job is often dangerous and hard. Their job is made even harder when senior officials, including Vice President Kamala Harris, spread false accusations of cruelty – as has occurred in recent days to mounted officers in Del Rio,” a reference to Harris’ doubling down on a debunked claim that agents used whips to control Haitian migrants.

“It is simply unbelievable that the Biden administration will allow COVID-positive illegal aliens to surge across the border but will terminate dedicated law-enforcement officers who do not comply with President Biden’s mandate,” wrote the lawmakers.

Imploring the secretary to implement a course correction, the legislators added, “We hope that for the safety of our country that you see the error in this decision, choose to support the heroes of CBP who put their lives on the line every day, and find reasonable accommodations for CBP officers who do not choose to comply with this mandate for personal or medical reasons.”

Whether this administration will – contrary to its own established precedent – finally take steps to demonstrate at least as much concern for the rights and freedoms of American citizens as it does for those who enter this country illegally, only time will tell.