WH press secretary Jen Psaki plans to depart role within the year

Biden administration personnel news was made this week when White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that she will likely leave her high-profile role within the year and make room “for somebody else to have this job,” as the Washington Examiner reports.

During an appearance on The Axe File podcast hosted by Democrat operative and commentator David Axlerod, Psaki revealed that her tenure at the briefing room podium will likely end in 2022, saying, “I have little kids, and I don’t want to miss time with them.”

A veteran of the Obama administration, Psaki cited the challenges of being a mother to young children and balancing the considerable demands of her high-profile role. “I mean, I wake up in the five, as I like to say,” continuing, “my 5-year-old and now-3-year-old hear me moving around and are immediately up because they know that’s the time we have together.”

Psaki’s performance as White House press secretary has not been without its controversies, with critics often making note of what some see as a distinct lack of preparation and an unwillingness to provide straightforward answers to key policy questions, something which earned her the nickname, “Circle Back Psaki,”

Trump administration press secretary Kayleigh McEnany is among those who have slammed the vague, often disjointed responses Psaki regularly provides to reporters, saying, “I wish [her] all the best, it is a very hard job, but that being said, we took great pains in our administration to do hours and hours of research beforehand, days sometimes,” as the New York Post noted.

“I always knew where my boss stood,” McEnany explained, adding, “Unlike other press secretaries who maybe didn’t have walk-in privileges, I could walk in at any time…I always knew where his head was at, so I didn’t have to do a ton of circling back because President Trump gave a lot of access to me.”

As the Examiner also noted, Psaki’s chat with Axlerod yielded another interesting tidbit, as she shed some light on the way President Joe Biden’s public statements and appearances are managed by White House staff. The press secretary admitted that permitting the commander in chief to take impromptu questions from reporters is “not something we recommend,” giving additional fodder to those who believe Biden’s cognitive abilities are on a steep decline.

“We’re never going to satisfy the White House and their desires for access, Psaki declared, adding, “and I think there have been mistakes made in the past of trying to do that,” in what could be viewed as an acknowledgment of internal fear of revealing just how far Biden’s capabilities have slipped.

Though the job of White House press secretary is one few people have the talent to successfully navigate, with any luck, the next person tapped to take the podium on Biden’s behalf will be a bit stronger than Psaki has been in pushing for the transparency and honesty the American people deserve.