Washington Post suggests that SUV was the killer in horrifying Waukesha attack

The mainstream media is desperately trying to make the horrifying Waukesha mass murder disappear from the headlines, and the Washington Post may have gone just a bit too far in its efforts to make that happen.

The Washington Post published an article on Wednesday accompanied by a tweet that read, “Here’s what we know so far on the sequence of events that led to the Waukesha tragedy caused by [an] SUV.”

The Washington Post seemed to imply that the man behind the wheel, Darrell Brooks, was in fact not the killer. The Washington Post seems to believe that SUVs, not people, are capable of committing horrific murder sprees.

The Washington Post’s insulting suggestion that the SUV was at fault for the massacre is reminiscent of the left’s attacks on assault weapons instead of the people who wield them.

The Washington Post and the rest of the leftist media no longer want to talk about Waukesha and the horrible tragedy that happened there. The Waukesha attack doesn’t fit their ideological narrative and as such must be memory-holed.

Thankfully many Americans aren’t having it and the mainstream media has come under intense fire for its vile and dishonest conduct.

Representative Ken Buck (R-CO) responded to the Washington Post’s story by saying, “Did the SUV drive itself? This headline is a disgrace.”

Daily Caller correspondent Anders Hagstrom summed it up perfectly saying, “Blaming guns for shootings and SUVs for truck attacks. At least there’s consistency.”