Washington Post slams Biden with ‘Four Pinocchios” rating after lying about new Georgia laws

President Joe Biden has been extremely critical of new election reform laws recently passed in Georgia — so much so that he’s resorted to spreading falsehoods about the specifics of some of those reforms.

According to the Washington Examiner, the lies he’s telling about the laws have become so extreme that it prompted a fact-check by the Washington Post, one of his greatest mainstream media. The newspaper issued a “Four Pinocchio” rating over the president’s false claims that the new laws prevent working people from voting after their shift is over.

“Among the outrageous parts of this new state law, it ends voting hours early so working people can’t cast their vote after their shift is over,” Biden falsely claimed, while adding how he thinks the laws are “un-American.”

“It’s sick. It’s sick … deciding that you’re going to end voting at five o’clock when working people are just getting off work,” the president added.

Glenn Kessler of The Post responded to Biden’s outright lies, not only pointing out that his claims were not even remotely true, but added that the state’s new laws actually expanded early voting hours.

“On Election Day in Georgia, polling places are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and if you are in line by 7 p.m., you are allowed to cast your ballot. Nothing in the new law changes those rules,” Kessler wrote. He added that while early voting procedures were modified in the bill, the intent of those modifications will result in more opportunities to vote for most residents of the state.

As Fox News reported, Kessler went on to issue a not-so-subtle jab at Biden for spreading such blatant misinformation regarding the new Georgia voting laws.

“One could understand a flub in a news conference. But then this same claim popped up in an official presidential statement. Not a single expert we consulted who has studied the law understood why Biden made this claim, as this was the section of law that expanded early voting for many Georgians,” Kessler said.

Though the Washington Post and Biden’s other allies in the media have done a bang-up job covering for him so far, Biden’s lies have apparently reached a point where even some of the most left-leaning outlets can no longer stand by and listen to him lie about incredibly important topics that have such a massive impact on the country.

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  1. I need to to thank you for this fantastic read!!
    I definitely enjoyed every bit of it.I have got yoou book-marked to look at new things you post…

  2. The white House has fallen, no leadership there to be found, Invaders at our southern border, ridden with unchecked viruses, invasion of illegals still not being stopped. What real effect will this have on our Country, Senate and House want to spend and tax, yet, what will this really change? Where is all this division heading? Why is it being allowed to be happen? Country needs leadership now, to resolve these real issues, is it no where to be found? Elected leaders have left the field of battle. Who will step up and confront the challenges? Contact your officials and let your voice be heard today. Every one has equal say, not just partisan politicians. Some time a call to battle must be heard in between elections, call Washington today and let your voice be heard.

  3. Joe Biden is the most clueless, incapable, womanizer person to be President of our country. Impeach immediately along with discusting Pelosi and laughing Harris.

  4. King biden will make it so next election we the people can stay home…. he will just stay in office so you won’t need to vote. We all know he will win again anyway. Democrat voting machine will see to that.

  5. Isn’t it a “shame” that we have to be “ashamed” of our Leaders?? They are making a mockery of our government! All of the other countries are laughing at what is going on here!! Lord, Forgive them for they know not what they do!!

  6. i saw those children being thrown over the wall. You Biden are responsible for this. you Biden and all your puppeteers. and all those who voted for him. you are a LIAR! No way did you get 80 million votes. you are a fraudulent mentally ill puppet!

  7. I’m thinking that Biden did not intentionally lie “this time”.
    If he has never held a real job how would he know about having time to vote after work?
    His worthless advisors/staff must have told him. 😉

  8. Exactly right! Don’t quote comments and think you’re profound. Read the ACTUAL LAW- it’s online. Get someone smart to explain the ‘hard parts’ to you.

  9. Dear Suzanne:: You had better read the law and study it yourself. It does not restrict people voting. It clarifies the law and actually opens more time to vote. It does not restrict voters it only makes sure they are ELIGIBLE to vote. And that my dear is why MR. Trump is not our president now. PERIOD

  10. Blanche ~ you answered your own question…the demoncrats cannot have a repaired America. That would end their entire platform.

  11. Why would you put someone in the White House that Sold out America while Trump was repairing America after the Democrats ruined America during their time in Office! And now Biden is trashing every America Citizen and letting the illegals run all over the country with Covid 19 to
    start another Pandemic, Look at the caged children! Many have the virus and they are laying in the middle of those that don’t.
    You know they will spread the virus and before long many of them will be dying and the families will expect large amounts of money because their child died! Where is that money going to come from<<>>the American People<<<where else!!

  12. This guy is a mess. Typical politician. That’s why I vote we cancel everything he’s done to date and get the none politician back in the Whitehouse. After the corrupt voting booth findings of My Pillow guy, we should be able to get Trump back in

  13. The people in this country are well aware that Biden should have never been put into the position as the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES ! ! ! But when the Democrats did what so many anticipated would happen to the results of the election, it was not a surprise. I was really shocked when the Supreme Court did not take any STRONG action on the situation ! ! Could someone tell me what are American citizens to do when a situation like this is taking our once trusted Country down . . . . And how are we to get it back ?? ? ?

  14. The Great Usurper is so used to lying, he hasn’t known the truth from his lies for, oh, at least 50 yrs. Couple that with a feeble, psychotic sense of reality, & you get this. A bum who can’t even pour piss out of a boot!

  15. Biden was exactly correct in his comment. I’ve read one post after another from Georgia’s new voting rights act, and they’re disgusting Maybe you should research what was exactly said. They’re the closest to keeping people from noting. as can be. and they’re truly unAmerican.

  16. Mr Biden spreading lies from the Top! Its very sad that Delta Airlines and Coke corporation are taking a stance in this also! The new law is written out what our CONSTITUTION already says, voting is reserved for those who are American citizens ONLY! The law insures that ONLY Citizens VOTE!! To imply that African Americans are not capable of getting an state ID to prove they live in the state and ARE CITIZENS is ignorant at best! This law is to prevent people coming to the state temporarily to vote and to prevent undocumented workers from voting!! Something that was always understood now has to be written into law!!

  17. Take a tip from Snagglepuss, exit stage left. Going right is above you’re pay grade and would show some cognitive ability.

  18. We need to get this lying communist out of the White House. He is doing everything possible to destroy this country.

  19. Biden or Harris could never stand up to China or North Korea like President Trump could i think Kim kind of liked Trump they could talk things out

  20. I love the new law in Georgia! And if Florida does the same. Yahoo…! Of course the Democrats have to turn everything backwards. Aren’t you sick enough of their nonsense. Look into things yourself, you cannot trust local News. Look into it, when you do, you will like it. ! Oh, and you can eat & drink water in line.!

  21. Biden has lied about so many issues it’s hard to keep track. I wonder if CNN and The View are counting the lies Biden has told like they falsely did with PRESIDENT Trump?

  22. Guess Biden didn’t have a plan for illegals, the Man Is such a liar. Americans are not rich, send them all back to their countries. America First.

    1. Yes!!! send them all back. America can’t afford all these illegals. Need to HELP OUR OWN VETS and HOMELESS FIRST.

      1. Joe Biden is the most clueless, incapable, womanizer person to be President of our country. Impeach immediately along with discusting Pelosi and laughing Harris.you are so right…

    1. Joe – I’ve challenged dozens of people who called Trump a Liar, to demonstrate 3 of his lies. Never got more than one. If Trump is such a big liar, give us a page full of his lies. Or you are just another fool repeating the post of yet another fool.

  23. Mr Biden does not know the difference between truth and lies. And he thinks he’s gonna have a chance against anybody in 2024. However, this is no different than what he has done for his entire career.

          1. Same here, Terry!!! And take all the rest of the marxists with him also , not to be lonely!!!!!

    1. They are not a chance that anybody can win against Biden what country will build a machine that will have a chance for president it will take a robot to win we know this.you can’t beat a robot robot cmon man.here the deal lol.

  24. But this is nothing new for DemocRAT politicians! It is routine: they’re lying, cheating, corrupt, unethical, immoral hypocrites! And their election officials (and Dominion voting machines) stole the election from Trump!

    1. Exactly right, waltk!!!!!

      This is who the so called “ democrats “ are and have been forever !!
      Lying, cheating, stealing, destroying people’s lives, because for them being in politics for all their lives is only about enriching themselves, becoming multi millionaires and staying in power until they’re 80 yrs old , even longer !!!

      Thieves, crooks !
      Yes, the election was stolen , no doubt about
      that !!!!!!!
      Shameless marxists!!!!

  25. Just another career politician. He has been in DC for over 43 years and still can’t help himself.

  26. Love seeing media turn on Biden Hoorah BUT do same to Biden as U did Trump OK
    If you want street Cred

  27. Well so sorry that the people in Georgia have upset Biden, well to be truthful I am not upset, now that Biden is starting to tell lies it is business as usual in DC. WHAT ABOUT FIXING THE MESS AT THE BORDER THAT YOU HAAVE CAUSED

    1. “now that Biden is starting to tell lies,” He is not starting, he is just more blatant in his lying. He claims that the Border is not open. Really? Listen to his campaign speeches where he tells the world to come on in. Joe is a history of lying. Google Curtis C. Dunn, and read for yourself, one of his more disgusting lies and why he would not retract the lie. This is one disgusting excuse for a human.

      1. Biden has NO clue as to what he says, has said or is going to say. His “handlers” just keep making a REAL FOOL out of him in order to get Kamila in the top seat – – THEN she’ll sit there for a couple/few months before Pelosi takes over…CAN’T YOU ALL SEE THIS COMING??? TRY TO READ THE “SCRIPT”…IT IS THERE AND IS OBVIOUS…

        1. Biden is a disgrace to our country. I cannot believe our voters are so unaware of how inept the man he is.

          1. I can’t either. Don’t they see Communism right in front of their faces? Sorry that all of the illegal immigrants are coming to a land that is going to be exactly like the one they left. Communism, communism and communism. Wonder why the Democrats hate America so badly. I keep asking but no one can answer???? Wonder what Pelosi’s father would think of her now. Not much, I would say!!!

          2. It would be interesting to know exactly how many “ uninformed “ ( to say the least) people voted for this crook, pervert, liar ???
            We already know that lots of dead people voted for him, also, lots of illegals who voted for this marxists (in order to get whatever free, free everything , for life) , then also lots of kids 15-16 yrs old were asked to vote for him and the rest of the
            ballots came already filled out by y “people “without any address, any signature… probably all the cats and dogs from the town!!!

            This is what America has become !!!
            Banana Republic, Communist/ marxists!!

            Laughable but sad !!!!!

          3. Biden and his puppet are a joke, those 2 need to crawl in a cave and stay there. They are a disgrace to America

          1. Joe Biden is the most clueless, incapable, womanizer person to be President of our country. Impeach immediately along with discusting Pelosi and laughing Harris.

        2. I agree with you Ali I do not understand why people cannot see what is going on, we do not need Pelosi in the presidents seat it will be worse than HELL.

        3. You are so very correct !!! Pelosi and Harris what a scary thought .. I hope Americans and conservatives are paying attention, Biden is a disgrace and Is RUINING our country. He is not in charge the above names are making the bad decisions.. unless you think it would be good to be a Country you won’t like what’s ahead!! BEWARE!! America more lies on the way

      2. the Border is Open and all of these folks need to be bussed to Biden’s home town and given housing next door
        to him. they will bring DRUG’S and CRIME to your neighborhood, Joe. your idea to invite them now entertain them.

      3. If you don’t think Trump is a disgusting human being, you are not a very intelligent thinker.

    2. Bad enough that he constantly lies…then they play the clips over and over on the news outlets! Once the low info voter gets the lies into their heads it’s too late to undo it!

    3. Biden is a liar. His whole Administration are liars. It’d be a joke if it wasnt so dangerous to this country. When he and his corrupt Administration are through I hope we have a country to protect. If we done have one of our world enemies attack us. With this Administration theyre breaking our Nation financially, morally and illegally. They are traders and need to be held for Treason.

      1. You are absolutely right. They need to be treated like any other criminal. What “they’ve” done is beyond criminal!

      1. Yes! for those who voted for this puppet. are you happy? and i will never believe this buffoon got 80 million votes. Greatest fraud EVER.

      1. I was asking the same question: when during his 47 yrs in politics has he ever made a truthful statement???

        All his life is full of lies, deception, plagiarism,
        corruption and shady deals which made him into a multi millionaire!!!!
        This is who he is : a worthless POS !!!
        Shame to everyone who voted for him !!!!
        We have a government full of marxists!!!!

        1. Darn few people actually ‘voted’ for him. Those were people who believed yet ‘another’ lie that he was going to support the ‘Green Deal’ that AOC put forth. After entering office, he informed her that he wasn’t going to do that. I’m all for protecting the ecology but our government and their Agricultural Dept are clueless about how to do that. Our ‘farming practices’ are actually destroying our land and the health of Americans. We are losing hundreds of ‘small’ farms that are essential to our food production. Yes, we have a Marxist government but, also, a government of total ‘Fools’!! The ONLY element that put Pinnochio into office was the criminal element that runs Dominion. They’ve infiltrated our courts, as well, thus undermining any attempts to over-turn this ‘illegal’ election.

      2. I remember ‘twice’ when he and Harris were campaigning! He called it the ‘Harris Administration’. The ‘truth’ but, even that, was by ‘accident’!!! If we wade through the lies, every once in awhile, the ‘truth’ slips out!!

    4. how about that joe!!! I have an idea, why don’t you tell the truth about how you helped in the election FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and stay out of Georgia election laws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Georgia governor has said these new lies are to protect voting. If the laws were broken before why have there been no arrest’s . Unless there are prosecutions why should you believe this?

    6. Yes, try to get that fixed if you can. Well, we know you can’t be held accountable for anything you do, so you shouldn’t worry!!!

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