‘War’ predicted between criminals and law-abiding Americans, Fox News’ Gutfeld says

As Democrats continue to push for eliminating cash bail and defunding police departments, crime is understandably on the rise across the entire nation, and one Fox News host believes that the situation could ultimately take a nasty turn.

According to Fox News, The Five co-host Greg Gutfeld broached the subject during a crime-related discussion, predicting that the rise in criminal activity could ultimately be met by a rise in armed, law-abiding American citizens, as gun sales soar. 

“All that’s left is the Second Amendment, and it’s dawning on everyone like a giant red nuclear pill that…was detonated over America, that the only thing between you and anarchy is self-protection,” Gutfeld said, adding that Democrats essentially killed the gun control debate.

He went on to explain that he believes Democrats “have been incentivizing gun purchases by decriminalizing crime,” adding that Dems and their efforts to push no-cash bail “[put] the criminal on a pedestal while putting victims in jeopardy.”

Gutfeld added that for law-abiding Americans, the “only recourse is to protect [him]self. This is why you can no longer crack down on legal guns because it’s going to be a war.”

Shockingly, co-host Geraldo Rivera agreed with Gutfeld, adding that he believes the no-cash bail push by Democrats will likely be as unpopular and career-ending as the “defund the police” movement, which many Democrats have blamed for taking losses in the wake of the last round of elections.

Jesse Watters, another co-host of the popular afternoon program, added that the cities with the strictest gun control laws seem to be the cities with the highest level of homicides, adding that when gun ownership increases, homicides tend to trend downward.

A casual observer, with a quick Google search, can see that evidenced in cities like Chicago, where violent gun-related rampages on the weekends are the new norm in a city with some of the nation’s strictest gun laws.

Only time will tell if Gutfeld’s prediction comes true, but at the end of the day, law-abiding Americans will always protect their families from criminal elements, by whatever force is necessary.