WaPo’s Philip Bump blasted for bizarre criticism of Trump-era SCOTUS picks

For his cringeworthy attempted takedown of the conservative wing of the U.S. Supreme Court, the Washington Post‘s Philip Bump found himself the subject of mockery for raising a series of bizarre, utterly irrelevant pieces of trivia about the circumstances surrounding several of those justices’ ascension to the bench, as Fox News reports.

In an article for the Post, Bump began by referring to justices appointed by former President Donald Trump as the “minoritarian third,” noting that Amy Coney Barrett, Neil Gorsuch, and Brett Kavanaugh had been “nominated by a president who lost the popular vote and [were] confirmed by senators representing less of the country’s population and who had received fewer cumulative votes than those who opposed the nominations.”

Bump’s attempt to somehow cast illegitimacy on a decision – should it be handed down next summer – overturning or significantly altering the landmark abortion case of Roe v. Wade was notable not just for its reliance on odd electoral minutiae, but also its blatant disregard for how the American system of representative government is organized.

As such, its author was on the receiving end of voluminous scorn and incredulity from the Twitterverse, with legions of social media users taking to their keyboards to point out the absurdity of his take.

Remarking on the intellectual contortionism likely required for Bump to come up with such a strangely irrelevant observation, Tom Elliot of Grabien wrote, “I hope you didn’t hurt yourself coming up w/this.”

Alexandra DeSanctis Marr of National Review sarcastically expressed gratitude to Bump, tweeting, “Thank you for these truly meaningless facts.”

Leveling a rather more serious critique of Bump’s line of thinking, David Harsanyi, also of National Review, wondered, “how does one become a writer at a major newspaper without understanding basic civics or the most fundamental aspects of American governance?”

Fox News contributor Guy Benson emphasized the hypocrisy of Bump’s thesis, noting that “Leftists never use [former President Bill] Clinton’s 43% popular vote victory to undermine legitimacy of [Ruth Bader Ginsburg]/[Stephen] Breyer rulings. It’s cherry-picking standards to undermine institutions based on undesired outcomes. All justices were nominated by a duly-elected [president] & Senate confirmed. That’s our system.”

With Roe potentially on the chopping block and liberals running scared, the natural instincts of the American left call for the destruction of the court’s reputation in the eyes of the citizenry, but hopefully, with embarrassing attacks like the one leveled by Bump being vigorously called out in real time, those efforts will not succeed.