WaPo editor goes full ‘COVID Karen’ on Justice Gorsuch for not wearing a mask

Democrats and their media allies are likely facing another round of embarrassing failure as President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates are put to the ultimate test in the hands of a conservative majority U.S. Supreme Court.

During last week’s arguments in the high court with regard to the dictator-like vaccine mandates, “COVID Karens” within the ranks of the liberal mainstream media came out in full force, desperately seeking an outlet for their hilarious hysterics.

According to FrontPage Mag, Ruth Marcus, Deputy Editorial Page Editor of The Washington Post, trained her anger on Justice Neil Gorsuch for not wearing a mask. 

“Where was Justice Neil M. Gorsuch’s mask? If you think this sounds like a trivial question, I dissent. I believe it goes to the heart of our fraying social fabric,” Marcus wrote.

Marcus became obsessed with the situation — and I mean disturbingly obsessed. Typically, a tweet or two would be added for context, but her entire Twitter timeline, if you care to take a peek, is littered with multiple posts about her irrational anger with Gorsuch for not donning a piece of ineffective cloth during oral arguments over Biden’s vaccine mandates.

If you’ve been shopping at your local grocery store without wearing a mask, Marcus is the one woman that you don’t want to run into, as her Karen-like powers give her the ability to summon a manager with a sharp look and a finger snap.

As FrontPage Mag noted, perhaps Marcus should train her anger on her boss, Jeff Bezos, who has rarely been spotted wearing a mask while in close proximity with other people, like during his Yacht parties. Like too many other elite Democrats, Bezos’ wealth and status obviously afford him the luxury of not having to follow such peasant-like rules.

While Marcus hectored Gorsuch for such a minor offense, if you can even call it that, Justice Sonya Sotomayor was being fact-checked by the very paper for which Marcus works, as the SCOTUS justice spouted off a number of grossly false statements regarding the number of children hospitalized as a result of COVID-19.

This is just another example of Democrat operatives in the media becoming insanely desperate as inconvenient truths concerning the pandemic are continually being revealed, and soon, people like Marcus will no longer be able to play mask police at the local Target.