VP Harris ridiculed on social media after making science video for kids

Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t exactly the vice president America hoped for or needed, and she continues to prove that by remaining mostly absent on virtually every major issue facing the United States.

That was evidenced once again, according to the New York Post, after a video was published showing her speaking with young children about space, which was relentlessly ridiculed on social media given the vice president’s outrageously cringe-worthy remarks and facial expressions, all while the Democratic Party melts down amid a legislative stalemate caused by intra-party fighting.

In the overly dramatic video, which was produced as a YouTube special to celebrate World Space Week, Harris sat with the group of children and held nothing back about her apparent love of space exploration.

“I just love the idea of exploring the unknown,” the vice president said. “There’s other things that we just haven’t figured out or discovered yet.”

Harris, as vice president, lives where the U.S. Naval Observatory is located, and she made clear to the children — again quite dramatically — that they were in for a real treat, especially with regard to the moon.

“You guys are gonna see, you’re gonna literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes!” Harris said, bizarrely, given that craters on the moon can be seen without the help of the Naval Observatory’s equipment.

Needless to say, Harris’ video went viral for all of the wrong reasons, as it was brutally mocked by countless Twitter users, including Joanne Mason, who commented, “It comes across as a trailer from a movie where the fun and engaging teacher is secretly a serial killer who collects the heads of the children she takes to Space Camp.”

While Congress stalls out what could be the most important piece of legislation spearheaded by the Biden-Harris administration, and while the southern U.S. border continues to degrade amid a massive and dangerous immigration crisis, Harris has made crystal clear that she’s simply not interested in tackling the real issues of the day.