VP Harris pushed for third gender option on IDs, new poll reveals how out of touch she was

In 2019, then-California Sen. Kamala Harris joined the chorus of most other Democrats in demanding that a third gender be added as an option for an applicant attempting to obtain federal identification, as Politico reported at the time.

It was an obvious play to bolster her street cred with the LBGTQ crowd as she eyed a run in the 2020 presidential election. But unfortunately for Harris, most Americans still believe that you’re either a man, or a woman, and nothing else, according to the Washington Examiner.

The Examiner published the results of a recent poll that overwhelmingly proved that Americans believe in actual science — the biology that indisputably concludes that a human is either male or female. As a matter of fact, 75% of respondents in the survey agree on that point.

“Rasmussen asked voters about Rowling’s statements, and 75% agreed that there are only two sexes, with 63% ‘strongly’ agreeing,” the Examiner noted.

With that kind of number, the issue clearly transcends political ideology, as it should, because, for most reasonable people, it’s simply common sense.

The Rasmussen poll that posed the gender question comes at the same time transgender issues are crowding the world of high school and college sports, with biological males competing in women’s sports and essentially rendering female college athletes not only useless in their pursuits, but also cheating them out of scholarships and other opportunities they worked their entire lives for.

In addition, the poll results revealed that parents are adamantly against their children being counseled on gender identity, to the tune of 68% of respondents, compared to only 19% of parents who believe such indoctrination is acceptable.

Democratic candidates, if they want any hope of winning anything in 2022, should take these polls into heavy consideration, and finally realize that the woke, progressive narratives being pushed by Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are turning moderate voters further to the right, and rightfully so.

But unfortunately, long gone are the days when virtually everyone agreed on the gender issue, and it’s ridiculous that gender has now become an issue of debate when, clearly, it’s not. Follow the science on that one.