VP Harris proves she’s far out of touch with everyday Americans with bizarre electric car tweet

Vice President Kamala Harris proved once again just how grossly out of touch she is with the everyday, blue-collar American, as she offered what she believes to be the biggest roadblock into getting Americans into electric vehicles.

In a bizarre tweet last week, Harris claimed that when Americans are asked what they believe to be the biggest challenge regarding electric vehicles, it’s where and how to charge the vehicles, failing to mention that in reality, the biggest hurdle is that most people can’t afford to spend a minimum of $50,000 on a new vehicle, electric or not.

In President Joe Biden’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed earlier this year, a staggering $6 billion was set aside for the electric vehicle industry and for the construction of more charging stations.

In addition, the bill also offers lucrative tax incentives in the form of credits, to the tune of $7,500 – $12,500. However, those tax credits will likely only benefit those wealthy enough to be able to afford the cost of an electric vehicle, which is out of reach for a majority of new-car buyers.

The vice president, who, according to the polls, has quickly claimed the mantle of one of the most unpopular veeps in U.S. history, was dragged on social media for her outlook on the electric vehicle market.

“When we ask people, what’s the biggest barrier for them to buy a private helicopter? The answer is almost always figuring out where to put the helipad,” another Twitter user wrote, mocking the vice president’s asinine statement.

Harris, who’s never had to worry about the cost of a vehicle, clearly shows that she’s only in this for the power and status, and hasn’t a care in the world for common, everyday American struggling to make it under her administration’s poorly run economy and country.