VP Harris humiliated after cringeworthy, desperate attempt to hype crowd at McAuliffe rally

It’s no secret that Vice President Kamala Harris is one of the most unlikeable Democratic politicians in recent memory. One only has to look back to the fact that she dropped out of the presidential election before a single vote was cast, as her polling numbers plummeted.

As the latest prime example of her inauthenticity and general unlikeable traits, the vice president, in one of the most cringe-worthy moments of her term, so far, was utterly humiliated after she failed to hype up a small audience at a recent rally for Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe.

At the appearance, Harris desperately attempted to get the crowd excited about going out to cast a vote for McAuliffe but failed to elicit much of a response.

“Tell everybody you know to vote tomorrow,” Harris said. “Nothing like saying, ‘wanna meet me tomorrow? Whatchu doing tomorrow? You got any plans tomorrow?’ Tomorrow’s a good day, it’s gonna be a good day.”

As one can hear while watching the video, it sounds as if roughly three people in the audience managed to softly clap at the vice president’s humiliating attempt to amp up those in attendance.

McAuliffe, who was originally expected to secure an easy election victory to reclaim his old job as Virginia’s governor, is now facing the real possibility that his Republican challenger, Glenn Youngkin, wipes the floor with him on Tuesday.

Democrats have pulled out all of the stops in last-minute attempts to boost McAuliffe’s chances at winning, including having President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, Harris, and a number of celebrities appear alongside the candidate.

One can only assume that McAuliffe was relieved when Harris exited the stage, as it’s extremely doubtful that the most unlikeable vice president in modern history did him any favors, and worse, probably hurt his chances at winning even more.