VP Harris hires Jen Psaki’s brother-in-law as an adviser to boost polling numbers

It’s not a stretch to presume that Vice President Kamala Harris has her eyes set on taking over the Oval Office at some point in her career.

That’s why it’s not all surprising that she’s hired Jen Psaki’s brother-in-law as an adviser to guide her through the extremely turbulent time she’s experiencing as a vice president and, more importantly, the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee in 2024 — or 2028, according to the Daily Mail

Harris’ hiring of Adam Frankel, a former speechwriter for Barack Obama who is married to Psaki’s sister, Stephanie Psaki, was reportedly hired for “organizational development, strategic communications and long-term planning.”

The new addition to Harris’ team comes as the vice president faces dismal — if not outright embarrassing — approval ratings and polling numbers as President Joe Biden’s White House struggles to score a victory on any front.

In addition to Frankel joining Harris’ advisory team, the vice president also hired Lorraine Voles, who not only worked on Harris’ transition team, but also worked as a director of communications for then-Sen. Hillary Clinton.

As the Daily Mail noted, Harris has been tasked with a number of complex and politically suicidal tasks by the president, including the handling of the “root causes” of the migrant crisis, which continues to plague the White House with problems, including unflattering polling numbers all around.

Adding a couple of hotshot public relations advisers appears to be a move out of sheer desperation, in an attempt to keep her relevant and at least somewhat popular with Biden’s base and Democratic voters around the country.

The hires also come in the wake of bombshell reports of turbulence in Harris’ inner circle.

Only time will tell if Harris is able to pull herself out of dismal polling numbers and a general lack of likability, but she needs to do something pretty fast if she has any hopes of attempting to takeover the White House in 2024 and beyond.