VP Harris continues to distance from President Biden, mostly absent on major issues

It’s not a secret at this point that Vice President Kamala Harris, as incompetent as she’s been on most major issues, is doing her best to separate from President Joe Biden, as his polling numbers continue to plummet ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

As was noted in a Los Angeles Times piece, Harris’ interactions and involvement with the president have noticeably declined over the past six months or so. For the first few months, the two were seen together at virtually every event. 

It was so evident that their handlers wanted them side-by-side at all times that they actually rebranded the administration to the “Biden-Harrris administration,” which at the time was significant as it was an unusual move for a new White House.

“Only about a fifth of the activities listed on Harris’ public calendar in September and October have involved Biden, compared with roughly three-quarters of them in January and February,” the LA Times noted

Her noticeable absence began to really show during Biden’s Afghanistan foreign policy debacle, as the White House scrambled to perform damage control due to the string of failures that seemed neverending at the time.

She’s also been embarrassingly absent on the immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border, which is significant given that early on, Biden appointed her as the overseer of the situation. So far, Harris’s involvement on the issue has only included an unproductive trip to Central America, and a very brief drop-in in El Paso, Texas, which is still far from where most of the immigration issues exist at the border.

Not surprisingly, the White House has already attempted to brush off the observation of Harris’ growing separation from the president, claiming that it’s due to constantly changing schedules. Of course, the White House would never admit the true reason, as it already struggles with public perception as it is.

“The vice president keeps a busy schedule doing the work of the administration and always in support of the president,” said Sabrina Singh, a spokesperson for Harris. “Sometimes those events are together, other times apart. Sometimes she is on the road amplifying the agenda of the administration and highlighting the importance of Build Back Better.”

They can spin the issue all they want, but one only has to take a quick peek at the latest polling numbers to see that America is increasingly losing confidence in both Harris and Biden, and unfortunately, we have another three years of ineffective, weak leadership to endure.