VP Harris a ‘disaster’ according to Washington Examiner writer Kimberly Ross

It’s not a surprise at this point that Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t exactly the most popular person to hold the position. Going further, she may very well go down in the history books as one of the most ineffective, absent vice presidents in American history.

The Washington Examiner’s Kimberly Ross excoriated Harris in a recent opinion piece titled, “Kamala Harris, disaster.” In it, among other fair and accurate criticisms, Ross reminded readers that the primary reason Harris was able to land the prestigious title was because of her gender. 

“At a debate in D.C., Biden declared he would ‘pick a woman to be vice president’ if he won the nomination. His stated commitment to both gender and racial diversity was all but a tacit endorsement of his former opponent Harris,” Ross wrote.

Ross added: “It seems the only hurdle she had to cross was becoming the first female to hold the office. This she achieved merely by existing: Harris was in the right place at the right time. The Democratic Party needed a win that could also count as an official cultural evolution.”

Readers were also reminded, in great detail, of Harris’ almost complete absence on virtually every critical issue facing the United States within the first nine months of Joe Biden’s presidency. Ross dialed in on the recent debacle in Del Rio, Texas, involving over 10,000 Haitian migrants, where the false “whipping” narrative was promoted by the vice president herself.

“When Harris finally did appear, it was only to spread a false media narrative that the border agents who were working on horseback to tame the massive crowds had attacked the immigrants with whips,” Ross wrote, noting that Harris conveniently failed to mention the circumstances that led to the massive influx of migrants in the first place.

She went on to knock Harris for reports earlier this year that her own office was in disarray — and probably still is. She also pointed out that Harris was a complete failure as far as presidential nominees go, as her campaign fizzled out before the first caucus vote was even cast in 2019.

With that being said, one only has to take a peek at Harris’ polling numbers, which remain unimpressive and are likely to continue to slide alongside those of her boss, President Biden, as the two continue to prove they lack the leadership and capabilities to run the United States as it should be.

It’s no wonder why Democrats, behind the scenes, are already expressing concerns about her future in the White House, as many already do not believe she would have what it takes to stand toe-to-toe with Donald Trump in 2024.