Voter fraud is real. Georgia is just a symptom.

Whatever the results of the Georgia special election know this – the whole process was rigged.

That doesn’t mean that they’ll be successful – it takes a lot of rigging to overcome the votes of millions of fed-up Americans. But as Tucker Carlson noted recently “mail-in elections help Democrats.” 

On the pretext of “coronavirus safety,” we’ve allowed in-person voting to be replaced with mail-in voting. And that makes all kinds of corruption – from illegal ballot harvesting to corrupt counting to take place.

Remember in the bad old days when we used to know the results of elections on the night of? What changed? Is our technology worse? No.

The answer is that our laws have changed to favor mail-in ballots. And that favors Democrats. That’s the real election rigging going on in 2020.

Here’s the context of Tucker’s argument:

In-person voting reduces fraud, and reducing fraud and the appearance of fraud used to be important to us. We wanted people to believe the results when they came in. We wanted to protect the system that made all of our good things possible. We wanted democracy to continue. But then everything changed.

The main driver of that change, they will tell you, was the coronavirus pandemic. It simply became too dangerous to show up in person to vote. But think about that for a second. If you can go to the grocery store — and most people can and do — then you can go to a polling place. There’s no medical reason that you can’t vote in person.

Almost no one in the media has ever made that point. They know that mail-in elections help Democrats, and therefore that’s the whole point. When Republicans complain about it, the left doesn’t answer the question. They just get hysterical and start screaming about racism.

In Georgia, the fraud has been completely obvious. Let’s start with the absurdity of a recent court case that allowed thousands of voters from out-of-state to vote in Georgia:

Republicans recently argued that thousands of Georgia voters should be excluded from participating in the election for this simple and obvious reason: Post office change-of-address records showed they had left the state, and were no longer in Georgia. Therefore, they couldn’t vote in Georgia because they’re not in Georgia.

That seems simple and obvious, but that standard does not meet the burden of proof in the court of U.S. District Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner. Who is Leslie Abrams Gardner? She happens to be the sister of Stacey Abrams, the Democratic pretender to the governorship of Georgia. The case in question, by the way, involves a group funded by, you guessed it, Stacey Abrams.

Because this is an amazing time in our history, Gardner explained her refusal to recuse herself from the case like this: “One can only assume that the argument is something to the effect that if my sister is actively engaged in a cause, I cannot be impartial … This argument is mere speculation.”

Not surprisingly, Gardner gave her sister’s organization exactly what they wanted. Therefore, thousands of people could vote Tuesday in Georgia, even if they no longer lived in Georgia. All they needed to do was identify as Georgia voters. You can change your gender, you can also change your state of residence. You just identify yourself as such. That’s how identity politics works.

The question is, what can we do about it now?