Voice actor on Fox animated comedy fired over claims he attended Jan. 6 protests

As the fallout from the Jan. 6 unrest at the Capitol shows no sign of abating, a voice actor from the Fox animated series Bob’s Burgers has been axed from his role due to his alleged attendance in D.C. on the day in question, as the Washington Times reports.

Known as the voice of Jimmy Pesto Sr. on the show, Jay Johnston, 53, has been missing from the show dating back to May, as sources with knowledge of the situation told The Daily Beast.

Despite what amounts to a constructive firing, Johnston has not been conclusively proven to have been onsite at the Capitol protests, nor has be been detained for charged in connection with the events.

One of the individuals who spoke to the outlet on the subject claimed that neither the Bob’s Burgers cast nor network executives were intending to make a “big deal” about Johnston being forced from the show.

Accusations first arose regarding Johnston after the FBI put photos on social media as a means to identify individuals who took part in the demonstrations at the Capitol earlier this year, one of which reportedly bore a strong resemblance to the actor, as the Daily Mail noted.

While it remains uncertain as to whether Johnston was indeed depicted in the image at issue, there have been online posts from former colleagues stating that the man shown is in fact the Bob’s Burgers notable, and others have claimed direct knowledge of his presence in Washington in January.

Specifically, Tim Heidecker, who collaborated with Johnston on the HBO program Mr. Show with Bob and David was among those who made public mention of the similarity between the appearance of the man in the FBI photo and his former colleague.

Johnston has enjoyed a relatively impressive career in show business, having racked up credits on productions such as Arrested Development, The Sarah Silverman Program, and Anchorman, to name a few, as the Times noted.

That Johnston has lost his job – and perhaps his livelihood – due to yet unproven allegations of his presence at the Capitol protest is tragic, but given the manner in which a shocking number of those in attendance that day have since been unjustly accused and even mistreated while in custody awaiting trial, it is also not terribly surprising.