Virginia Republican calls out Harris over coronavirus spread thanks to border crisis

Former Republican congressional candidate has called out Vice President Kamala Harris over the border crisis, tweeting his disdain for the administration’s dealings with the United States – Mexico border.

Navy veteran and Virginia Republican Jarome Bell tweeted about what he called 2 million “trespassers” from around the globe that have entered the United States illegally.

“President Kamala Harris’ open borders policy is THE LARGEST COVID-19 super-spreader event in the world. Around 2 million trespassers from AROUND THE WORLD are flooding our borders,” Bell tweeted.

“If U.S. citizens are being pushed to get the vaccine, why are illegal trespassers exempt?”

The former Republican candidate for Virginia’s second congressional district seemed to pointedly call the Vice President “president,” indicating that he doesn’t feel President Joe Biden is really in control of his administration. 

Progressives and the mainstream media have suspiciously awarded “super spreader” status to conservative events, such as Trump rallies, the Capitol Hill riots, etc. 

Alternatively, they have insisted that events where liberal agendas were predominant ware unlikely to be the cause of pandemic proliferation. 

Texas is concerned enough about the issue to send its border coronavirus relief funding to the southern border in order to assist with the border wall funding, in hopes of fending off the steady flow of illegal immigrants and helping with border security. 

More than $6 million was signed off on by a local judge from Galveston county and sent south for border wall construction.