Virginia joins red states in asserting control over abortion laws if Roe is overturned

The leaked U.S. Supreme Court draft which indicated that the high court is likely to overturn Roe v. Wade in a decision that could come any week now marked a paradigm shift in how the issue will be handled at the state level, which would be the result if it is, in fact, overturned.

Many states have plans in place when that day comes — and it spans the spectrum — with blue states predictably gearing up to expand abortion access, and red states ready to pull the trigger on strict, anti-abortion laws that will all but outlaw the practice altogether.

Virginia’s relatively new Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares is one of those red-state AGs ready to make a move on the issue. Virigina, not long ago, was aligned with blue states that wanted to make sure abortion was still readily accessible. But that’s changed, drastically, with Miyares in office.

“The [new] Attorney General has reconsidered Virginia’s position in this case,” a letter authored by Miyares read.

“Virginia is now of the view that the Constitution is silent on the question of abortion, and that it is therefore up to the people in the several states to determine the legal status and regulatory treatment of abortion.”

The state’s new position, Miyares indicated, will be one of aligning with at least 19 other Republican attorneys general and a dozen or so red-state governors who believe abortion laws should be 100% under the state’s control.

According to Politico, none of the conservative Supreme Court justices have changed their minds on the decision to overturn Roe, meaning that it will almost certainly be overturned.

Amazingly, there haven’t been any significant updates or developments in the draft leak scandal, including the person or persons responsible and their motive, though motive will be simple to determine once we know which justice’s clerk leaked it.