Viral video of Americans enjoying normal life sparks nasty reaction on the left

Liberals want you to stay scared about the coronavirus. So when a viral video showed Floridians living life as they chose to, the reaction from the left was bloodthirsty.

The Washington Examiner reports:

A viral video showing people in a Florida grocery store shopping without masks has sparked intense reactions on social media.

“Naples, Florida. Let’em die. I’m so tired of these people. No vaccines for y’all,” prominent doctor Cleavon Gilman wrote in a now-deleted tweet in response to the video.

In the 15-second video, customers and employees are seen inside Oakes Farms Seed to Table store without wearing masks. It has since spread on social media, racking up nearly 3 million views since it was first posted Wednesday.

This is how you know they’re lying – they claim to “care” deeply about humanity, but they want you to die if you disagree with them.

Conservatives saw the video differently.

My favorite reaction was from Tucker Carlson:

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  1. It is and has been from the start a politically motivated PLANDEMIC there is absolutely no doubt in my mind and anyone who would take the the time to do their research would realize this. Has anyone noticed that the seasonal flu just magically disappeared, come on, I only wear a mask if I need to do some shopping because it’s mandatory but I am 100% against it !

  2. I’m in Texas and we rarely wear masks. Out of courtesy, I wear a mask in medical settings because I don’t want to scare sick people.
    Sept 15th 2021 is throw your masks away day nationwide. Take back our identities, our country and our fear of a disease that 99% of people do not die (COVID 19). Spread the word.

  3. Don’t forget Fauci is the highest paid Government person. Biden (Faud) is going to Destroy America. But he’s going to Help another Democrat get elected next Election.

  4. So sad people are so easy to deceive, the left has deceived a lot of good stupid people. John 10:10 said the thief-{which is satan] comes to steal-kill and destroy, JESUS comes to give life more abundantly. People do not know what the word say’s-don’t believe the word of GOD and put their trust in man [government] that is deceiving your own self. BUT GOD help the dumb helpless.

  5. If you look the word ‘idiot’ up in a dictionary, you will find a picture of and idiot wearing a mask. They are the epitome of soulless human livestock.

  6. Joe don’t ware a mask neather do press on TV and the dizzy circle back Damm don’t ware one so I think they should be still before the fall in their own hole masked do nothing but get us sick but Nancy bayght billions of dollars of masks from China and they need to get rid of them I say no to masks and demo who think they Dr and Dr who said let them die I say to him u first

  7. You can do what you want in the US. So far anyway. But wearing a mask or double or triple mask is still your right. Those opposed to people not wearing just don’t go near them. We have to open up the states. If you don’t like that you can stay home and do what ever makes you feel good. But you can not push your beliefs on all. I wear one around others so they feel safe. Other than that i am my own boss just like you. Go to your commie country if you want to make it all what you think and only what you think. Scared of the dark turn on the light. Scared of the virus stay home.

    1. Hey, Michael !!!!

      You make too much sense !!
      Nowadays, when the only Dr in charge with our whole country ( dr F ) says you must wear 2-3 masks, and even after getting the vaccine we should still maintain all his previous orders in place ( until further notice, maybe another year or two) , then we must Do what we’re told !!!!!

      He told us that we have a big problem by thinking we are so independent… that’s not right !
      We must listen to his “ science “ Period !!!!

  8. Gee sorry if the left is upset, ( not really) well to tell the truth it should be up to each person to wear a mask or not

    1. Hey, Robert !!!
      where do you think you were born ??still think this is USA and you have rights ???
      Think again !!!!

      If this is what our “ master” says, nobody should dare to contradict them !!!
      Is that clear ???

  9. The demoncRATS are putting the U.S. back on track to join that ONE GOV’T rule!!!! Called “GLOBALISM”. It starts in the schools, then the DOJ, take away our “Freedoms”, defund the police, get people dependent on GOV’T, Scratch religious beliefs!!!!! You MUST accept the “Mark of the Beast” (mentioned in the book of Revelations Chaps 13 & 17). I can see it coming now. “Do as I say, not as I do”!!! No borders, more disasters on the way. The lies have become truths and the Truths have become lies!!!! EVERYONE will worship this “End-time” beast power. Except GOD’s ELECT!!! President Trump was a thorn in the Left’s side!!!! Once the US falls, other countries will follow!!!! This started years ago. It now will come into fruition…. You’ll see……. Hopefully not too late.

    1. StealthFighter !!!

      You are so right !!!
      Exactly what’s going on for at least 20 yrs … baby
      steps… just like the genius O was planning all along !
      “Fundamentally transforming America “
      A lot of us understood his “ message”…

      Unfortunately it’s too late to even wake up now (for the ones still asleep )
      We are going down really fast !
      Just wondering, why are we still talking about
      “ future elections “ ??? What for ???
      What a sick joke !!!!

  10. Love it when the Lefties go crazy with the threats to do harm to those that disagree with them!
    And in the same breath, want people to get along and be kind to each other!

    1. My opinion, Stuart !!

      The leftie’s message is very clear, as I can see it :

      “Get along, be nice to each other”… and don’t you dare contradict or question them … otherwise they will know how to “ cancel” us … figuratively or even physically … why not ???

      Anyone, any questions?????
      I guess not !!!

  11. These nazis that want us to wear masks for virus that has been proven to be hyped are the phony slimes . If they are so terrified then they should stay home and cower in their basement with six masks and a hazmat suit, and wrapped in bubble wrap. There have always been pathogens in the environment and there always will be. It’s all about control.

    1. Let me know how this virus is such a phony when they are getting ready to prep you for a ventilator bet you will be having fun. Good luck.

      1. Hi, Verne, just my 2 cents :

        The ventilator is the fastest way to get us to the M o R g u e !!
        How about using that medication they was really-approved recently by F d A( Hyd r xy
        cl o r O q u ene and the other ones) which could save so many lives ???

        True, they are very cheap, don’t get to bring much into those big B O y s pockets … that could be a reason …

      2. There is truly no reason for anyone to be prepped for a ventilator unless you have damaged lungs. There are drugs that can open up your lungs, such as prednisone for one. Another drug is ipratropium with albuterol sulfate for treatment. The thing is that if your dr. has any knowledge he/she will get the correct drug to help you breathe if so be it.

  12. THis mask business has one goal . That is to allow another country to invade America while in disguise . Every one needs to wake right now or We will lose our country . It is not only about control but it is an undercover invasion . Think for Yourselves everyone and fight back against this “Scam show” . A new plan to take over a nation of freedom lovers .Our enemies are in the house , wake up or suffer more . If you have them , lock and load and stay loaded .

    1. Formermarine :

      God Bless you, thank you for your service !!!!

      100% correct !!!
      This is what our enemies called “ destroying America from within” , not firing one single shot!!!
      The “ useful idiots” did their job, so now we are going down … extremely easy !!!

      You’re saying everyone must wake up now ???
      Sorry, sir, I can’t really see how that could help ???

  13. Free country, democrats will lie to you daily, look at Beijing Biden, what a joke administration this is, speaker can’t even answer questions I guess all I got to say is I’ll have to circle back to you! I move to cancel democrats and rinos,,along with Cheney

    1. This POSwebsite , just like all the others, just canceled my post … it didn’t like my comments!
      I’ll try again!!!
      Everyone must read an article from T I m e Ma ga
      Z I n e : The $ e c r € t history of the $h a d0 w
      c a m P a ! G n t h a t $ a v e D the 20 20
      €L €ct! 0 N
      I’m hoping my post will not be cancelled this time!

      That article makes it very clear as to what was going on .

      Hello, $ O c I a L I $ m !!!!

    2. Hi, Marvin !!!!

      You said, you moved ???
      Let us know please, where ? We would like to move to but we can’t see where since there are
      commies infiltrated everywhere and our so called
      “ representatives “ don’t have the backbone to stand up for us so, most of them would go to their “ corner” licking their wounds …
      No one is willing to hear our voice anymore !!!
      They destroyed Trump now, it’s our turn to be destroyed…

  14. I too, left Fox and went back when Shep Smith left but I had to leave again because of Donna Brazil, Juan Williams (an idiot) and all the videos of Mazine Waters. Too many leftists. If Iwanted to watch the left opinion I would just watch Main Stream News. Like the new line up on Fox but am shocked over the firing of Lou Dobbs, whose next Levin?

    1. Sure, Shirley, Levin might be next, Hannity, then go to the talk radio… whoever is in their way !!!

      That’s the K g B style, we should know better !!!
      Constitution, ??our rights ?? , our free market ???nonsense … everything must be “ R € $ € T”
      This is what’s coming !!!!

  15. They need to go back under their rock they came from. There’s no way they are keeping the feat factor going. We are waking up about your made up virus. Just a virus that we’ve had before. We aren’ t puppets anymore

    1. And Fauci doesn’t know a damn thing about this virus or any other virus. He flip flops every day. What a freaking joke he is.

      1. Never forget Fauci provided our money to manufacture this virus, even after he was ordered not to fund this project. He should be in jail instead of on TV.

      2. Oh, George, c’mon !!
        Dr “ F” knows damn well what’s going on and he knows about the virus …
        But he is just one of those who was “ bought and sold “ by the ones in “ power” so he’s getting his $ 1/2 million / year and he’s pulling the strings to make us dance his way .
        But don’t forget, he represents “ the science”!!

        POS ..

  16. I heard that a thousand camel fleas have infested the arm pits of JB……….Am sure they infested other places on him as well……..JB has also developed a strong urge to eat rice every day & use his chopsticks, just like his son does………..

  17. Just a bunch of mar X I $ ts , fa$ ci$t crooks !!!!

    They should just declare America a totalitarian regime and be done with it

    They already made sure there is no opposition, and everyone will be forced to “applaud “ them, the thugs !!!!


    1. I don’t wear a mask. This whole covid 19 thing is a joke. It’s all political. No one has the common flu anymore. I guess they found a cure for it but didn’t tell the American people. LOL!

      1. I agree with you George. We were on a plane recently and there was a woman sitting across the aisle from us. I wish I had taken her photo. She was wearing TWO masks and a full plastic face shield. So there she was on a 3 hour flight breathing her own waste air for 3 hours. Can you imagine the damage she did to herself?

        1. Yes, Jae , that is so incredibly sad !!!

          But unfortunately this is what the crook dr
          in charge over the whole country , Mr “ F “
          wants us to become, a bunch of frightened
          sheep who would do nothing more than
          Bee heee, bee heee !!!
          The more, the better !!!

        2. She was damaged a long time ago when she started believing everything that the self professed journalist’s on tv told her.

      2. I totally agree with you .I live in Pa and I refuse to wear a mask people are getting tired of this fake virus .They made it to steal the election and it worked.Biden is the worst thing that could happen to America.

        1. Our country is going down the drain really fast and this is the big “ R € $ € T “
          they are planning on us …

        2. Pa. here too and I refuse to wear one. I have seen people literally jump back when I came near them. The press has done a wonderful job of making Americans afraid of each other. This is not the way to live as no-one should be afraid to live their life. it is time to take back our lives and our country before it is too late!!

      3. Agree!!! If you enter the the Seed to Table store and see that no one is wearing masks, you have a CHOICE NOT TO ENTER!!!!! If you want to enter WEAR A MASK TO AT LEAST PROTECT YOURSELF!! It’s not rocket science DUH!!!

      4. You are right.This was a test to see how much the New World Order can controll.The mask is demonic .God says no evil thing will come to me as I pray ,trust and believe in His guidance

      5. I agree with you it’s scaring people to believe their lies it’s walking pneumonia bronchitis and the flu the Demon Rats cooked up to frighten people to stay in and out of there way to destroy America so China and Russia take over open your eyes people we are like sheep lead to the slaughter with the Demon Rats

      6. They also don’t die of heart disease, cancer (unless you have a big name ID) or car accidents.
        If death from the China flu was so bad, they would have cameras base at the exit doors of funeral homes. Then the msm would be showing videos constantly to support their smoke and mirrors.
        You notice all this past year, this china flu hasn’t affected the vast numbers of homeless people or antifa/blm rioters.

        1. Exactly. I’ve been saying this too. Homeless are not dying of Covid because they are not getting the over ramped test to show they have it. So goodie for them, they get to live without having Covid. The Covid test is really more likely taking your dna sample and then saying your cold or flu is Covid.

      7. The People just like me have gotten immune to the Flu. I caught the Asian Flu in 1970. After I got over it, I haven’t had a flu or cold since. My immunities must be very good because, I have visited Family and Friends who had the flu and never caught it. Strong bodies build strong immunities. This whole COVID nonsense is just a practice of Communist Control. This is why the Democrats have fortified the Congress with Military and Constantine wire to keep the People from dragging out the Communists that are destroying our Country.

      8. GOOD HIT George…agreed! the masks don’t work, except if you want to filter out Cement dust or concrete dust or thin set or particle dusts etc The fumes of gas or small microbes etc are not filtered! the same people who give us all this Carbon crap also breath their own CO2! Makes about as much sense as a pool table in a bathtub! THIS is ONLY a POWERGRAB by those that have power, and desire MORE power! The NWO is in full swing!!

      9. right with you George, I don’t wear a mask, and guess what I’m still alive!!! when they tell me you can’t shop here without a mask , I say fine with me and I go somewhere else it’s that easy.

        1. Obama & Carter are no longer the worst presidents. Hiding Biden has taken that post. Biden has not accomplished any thing memorable in 47 years and now he has Obama writing the EO’s that he was afraid to write because they are so radical!!!

      1. Agree, I noticed recently the buzz word for the demo-communists was “fight like he!!” . They hate religion. But, if they believe in “he!!”, then they obviously believe in ” Heaven”. I can’t stand the thought of ever going there. He!! Is their goal.

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