Viewers are NOT happy with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto

Never a stranger to criticism even from the likes of former President Donald Trump himself, Fox News personality Neil Cavuto returned from a brief break last week to a deluge of angry mail from viewers disappointed to see him back in studio, some of which he shared on the air, as Mediaite reported.

Back at the helm of the Your World program, Cavuto gave his Friday audience a taste of the often hostile correspondence he has been receiving from those unhappy with his enduring presence on the network.

As Cavuto noted, a viewer called Victor in New Jersey expressed frustration that the host’s absence was not due to a serious injury or other debilitating event, saying, “I didn’t want you dead…just horribly incapacitated enough that you wouldn’t ever return. Nothing personal.”

Audience member Michael B. gave voice to his own exasperation about the fact that Cavuto’s disappearance from the airwaves was only temporary in nature, saying, “I was keeping quiet and hoping my dream had come true, when I found out he was only on vacation. He should apologize for destroying dreams.”

Going even further was a woman named Anne, who assailed the host as a “pompous, elitist, phony, wormy, sanctimonious twit who doesn’t realize the only reason he’s on TV is because people feel sorry for him. Or he’s paid them off.”

In a comment reminiscent of critiques leveled by then-President Trump last year against Cavuto and Fox News as a whole, a viewer identified simply as “Great American” opined, “Another failed RINO at Fox News with low ratings, DESPERATE for someone to pay attention to him.”

Cavuto, has long been plagued by a number of serious health concerns including a stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis, multiple sclerosis, and triple bypass heart surgery, as The Hill has noted in the past. That fact was brazenly seized upon by audience member identified as “Cleaver,” who said, “The good news back then was that we all discovered you actually HAD a heart. That blew me away. Pity it didn’t blow YOU away!”

Ben of Rochester, New York was similarly blunt in his assessment of Cavuto’s health status, adding, “Man, you are one needy self-absorbed nerd! Look at me! Have pity on me! Feel sorry for me! You ever think with all of these medical issues God is trying to tell you something? Like maybe He hates you too!”

Given his willingness to publicly make light of the derision he receives on a regular basis, it appears that Cavuto is more than capable of withstanding the scrutiny to which certain other members of the media – particularly those employed by mainstream outlets – ought to be routinely subjected.

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12 Responses

  1. I think Neil enjoys receiving nasty letters. He’s not my favorite person, but I would never tell him that. He might have feelings, I doubt it, but maybe.

  2. Hey Neil, your days are numbered. I hear there’s some job openings at fake news CNN or MSDNC. I hope Fox news does the right and kicks your
    a_ _ to the curb.

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  5. I am a Conservative Republican and wish to state that Neil Cavuto has a right to be on Fox. Those of you who viciously speak of him should cool your jets! I enjoy his points of view although not always agreeing with him. But he does have a right to his opinions–as we all do–even this 87-year old, wheelchair-bound woman!!

  6. YeS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER did like this hack and would be truly very happy to see him go! Please!!! Please!!! Please!!!

  7. Neil Cavuto is (and has been a) liberal hack for the Democratic party. He, along with Juan Williams and Donna Brasile, must go. They have stifled the Conservative view way too long.

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