Video shows the statistical case for voter fraud – and the evidence is overwhelming

If you been listening to the mainstream media’s attempt to crown Joe Biden the winner of the election, one theme keeps coming up: “where is the evidence of voter fraud?”

It took a couple days to bring the full picture together, but now the evidence is getting stronger and stronger that there was indeed voter fraud. The most obvious form of that evidence is statistical.

We’ve all heard the anecdotes about dead voters and mysterious vans full of ballots. But statistical evidence gives us a much broader picture of what happened – and it can’t be dismissed as a mere one-off.

Trump campaign senior advisor Steve Cortes breaks down exactly what that evidence is in this video, and he does it in an impartial and scientific way. This isn’t crazy conspiracy talk – it’s the cold hard facts. And those facts indicate that there’s something very very wrong with what happened on election day.