Video released showing liberal teachers union leader dropping his child off at school

The liberal California Teacher’s Unions are doing everything they can to keep schools closed – but as usual, it’s “rules for thee, not me.”

Matt Meyer, president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, has led the union’s fight to keep schools closed, despite the detrimental effect that it’s having on both parents and kids.

That’s why it’s so shocking that Meyer himself is sending his kids to school – a private school that is.

A shocking video showing Meyer taking his daughter to an in-person private pre-school is making the rounds – and parents are furious. Watch:

KQED reports:

Dr. Shelene Stine treats COVID-19 patients at Highland Hospital’s department of internal medicine, but she’s also a parent of 3-year-old twins who attend the same preschool as Meyer’s daughter. Dr. Stine also has a 5-year-old attending kindergarten at a Berkeley Unified School District school.

The divide between the quality in-person teaching her twins receive at the preschool — which includes “play-based learning” — compared to the senses-dulling video-screens her 5-year-old looks at for distance learning is a yawning chasm, she said. She has spoken at rallies to reopen public schools and written public letters to the Berkeley Unified School District to push them to reopen safely.

Berkeley teachers have claimed that kids may not honor masking requirements, which Stine says her personal experience contradicts.

“I am a physician. It is definitively the scientific agreement that it is possible to deliver safe in-person education,” Stine said. “It’s infuriating to know Matt Meyer says kids can’t wear masks when kids in his preschool wear them all day long.”

The long list of hypocritical public figures who violate their own lockdown rules continues to grow. Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsome, Lori Lightfoot, Matt Meyer and hundreds of others.

One wonders with so much to lose, why do they violate their own rules in the public eye? Lockdowns aren’t sustainable. It’s time to end the madness now. If they can’t even follow their own rules, then why should we be expected to?

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  1. It’s good for you but not for me. That is the Dem/liberal brain. And Jill Biden should be ashamed for wanting to be first lady so bad she let her husband be humiliated and laughed at because he is not well and she knows it. Shameful. ARE YOU WATCHING AMERICA?

  2. Other states need to follow what Texas Governor Abbot just did today… more masks & as of March 10 Texas is opened up 100%. Texans WILL NOT tolerate Leftist suppression any longer!! They are using EVERY person in this country as their pawns for THEIR power grab. WAKE UP PEOPLE…..and that ALSO includes Democrats…..YOU ARE ALSO BEING PLAYED FOR SUCKERS !!!!

  3. We should give some thought to getting rid of teachers unions, but we all know that is not going to happen so for those teachers who refuse to go back to in person teaching they should definitely go half pay for sure and I bet after a while they will return to in person teaching. There is no excuse the religious schools are doing it and have been for quite some time , they have always gotten less pay as compared to public school teachers the difference is they Care about the kids and their education!! They have done a really great job handling this nightmare pandemic with common sense solutions and they operate without federal funding , they get tuition from parents who choose to send their children to these schools, no Union!!! Parents need to speak up about these teachers and faculty members who again say do as I say not as I do!!! This double standard has got to stop, period let’s continue to make our voices heard via any way we can , our children are suffering as a result of the Democrats who are in bed with the unions , and We THE PEOPLE Must continue to speak up about this nonsense which science does not even support. Like the song says LET’S GET LOUD!!!!!

  4. I agree with all the comments. Doesn’t his wife care about the disgrace he is going through? The VP is going for a free ride as well. What a shame!

  5. Remember when President Reagan put and end to the unionized air traffic controllers strike? Maybe Biden needs to take the same approach. But he won’t. President Reagan gave them an ultimatum get back to work or your fired.

  6. Put teachers who do not want to teach on half pay for thirty days to follow with termination for those who do not want to teach.

    1. You are right about Biden not being elected! There is so much corruption going on now in our country! We Americans kind of feel helpless, not knowing what to do about it. Please pray for America!!

  7. Is this America or what? Biden is letting his wife and his Vice President tell him what to do, because he can’t remember what he had for breakfast. I never saw Melania tell President Trump what to say when he was addressing the public, in fact President Trump never had his wife on his coat tail everywhere he went, because he had a sharp brain, but when Biden starts to talk and starts blundering, his wife steps in to remind him what to say and she goes everywhere with him ,because she knows he cannot remember anything, is this the way it is done now with America President? God help America.

      1. Ive got to the point that I dont believe anything the democrats say. They dont know how to tell the truth. Its sickening. This whole Administration should be impeached they are breaking the law. We have a Constitution that clearly tells the people that our vote is protected. They will do anything to can the Power of the People. Thats why they are insisting the Natl Guard stay in Washington DC. They are afraid there will be another riot. Theyre doing everything they can to cause a Civil War.
        The INSANITY MUST STOP. Before we dont have a country to take back. Its TREASON what they are doing. You can bet Obama is behind this.


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