Video clip shows Biden drifting off to sleep during official appearances

When confronted about voter concerns about President Joe Biden’s fitness for office recently, first lady Jill Biden dismissed such speculation as “ridiculous,” but as a video montage posted by the Daily Caller highlights, it appears that her husband is having increasing difficulty just staying awake during the course of his official duties.

The three-minute series of clips reveals Biden’s struggles with wakefulness in a range of settings, perhaps most notably at the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, during which the 78-year-old president looked to be nodding in and out of sleep amid the event’s opening speeches, as Fox News noted at the time.

Also included in the package is footage of a video conference Biden had with former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the 2020 campaign in which he again appeared to be fighting off slumber at every turn. WATCH:

Though the footage taken at the climate summit appears to show an administration aide ultimately swooping in to prod Biden back to alertness, the damage was already done, with Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) swiftly joining the chorus of mockery by tweeting, “Sweet dreams, Mr. President.”

The very image of the country’s chief executive drifting off to dreamland amid a major international conference on an issue he has made a significant policy priority is, in the view of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, extremely damaging when it comes to the reputation of the United States around the world.

“When you see the president of the United States fall asleep in public at a global warning conference, as he warns us how big a deal global warming is. First of all, you cringe for America,” Gingrich observed.

Emphasizing the broader implications of Biden’s perceived fragility, Gingrich added, “Whether you’re Democrat or Republican, having an American president look so weak and so out of it. …And so you’re going to see more and more assertiveness by our allies because they think this is such a weak administration.”

Though former President Donald Trump gave his 2020 rival the nickname “Sleepy Joe” in reference to his perceived lack of energy on the campaign trail, the scenes of Biden’s weakness captured on video in recent months point to what many suspect is a far more serious dilemma that Democrats are now hard pressed to resolve.