VIDEO: Biden Vs. Trump – Shocking

Sleepy Joe vs. High Energy Don. The contrast is shocking:

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13 Responses

  1. When it is as obvious as the nose on a face that someone (s) are literally destroying a country that is home to 300+ million people who are being adversely affected then rules be d—–! Pelosi is one of the worst things to happen to our country and she should be impeached herself. The people of our country deserve, have a right to what is best for us all…and what’s happening ain’t bestfor vast majority! Someone fix it!

  2. It does not make any difference to comment anymore nothing is going to change as long as these democrat clowns are in the white house.i just pray these 4 years goes by fast.dumb obama,Obama, are running this show .so much hate,lies,crimes committed by these clowns its pathetic.

  3. 2024 can’t come too soon so we can get rid of Biden/Harris and get a real president once again. I have never and will never call Biden my president. He is 100% fraud.

  4. Presodent Trump is not only high energy, but he works for the total good for our country. We love President Trump and his family.

  5. In the brief time Joe Biden has occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. as president of our beloved country he is guilty of committing actions which any logical minded, informed individual would determine to be “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” thereby a serious impeachment proceeding should immediately commence.

    1. While I totally agree with Donald J. Saabedra, There is a huge problem to impeach Resident biden & that problem is THE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE IS THE ONLY AUTHORITY THAT CAN CALL FOR & IMPOSE AN IMPEACHMENT OF WHOM EVER SITS IN THE OVAL OFFICE! THAT AUTHORITY FIGURER IS nancy pelosi’s & she will never call for the impeachment of a DIMocRAT, ESPECIALLY A PUPPET LIKE biden!

      1. Best we Republicans convince our Democrat friends to vote in Republican candidates so the House has a Republican majority. If we can get just one each of our good friends to do this, we can save our country.

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