Vicious attack stuns nation – he just died from injuries

An notable uptick in crimes targeting Asian Americans has been observed in California in recent weeks, and sadly, this disturbing trend has just claimed another victim.

Oakland resident Pak Ho, 75, was attacked on the street by robbery suspect and career criminal Teaunte Bailey, 26 and died Thursday of the brain injuries that resulted from the single blow, according to Fox News.

According to Bay Area CBS affiliate KPIX, the brutal attack occurred around 7 a.m. Tuesday near Lake Merritt at the intersection of Perkins Street and Jayne Avenue, with Bailey striking Ho and causing him to fall to the ground and hit his head on the pavement.

Bailey reportedly got into a car and fled the scene, but was subsequently located via surveillance video and a court-ordered GPS ankle monitor he was wearing in connection to another criminal case, and he was found in possession of items stolen from Ho in the assault.

On Thursday, the Alameda County district attorney announced a special circumstances murder charge against Bailey which includes enhanced allegations such as crimes committed while on bail or own recognizance and crimes committed against elders, as KPIX noted.

Reacting to the attack, Oakland Police Chief LeRonne L. Armstrong stated:

I’m at a loss for words. Our elders should be protected not the victim of a deadly assault. I’m thankful that our officers were able to quickly respond…

…The Oakland Police Department will relentlessly pursue those that violate the most vulnerable members in our community.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf pledged on Thursday that the police would “investigate thoroughly to determine whether this was racially motivated or a crime of opportunity,” Fox News reported.

Ho’s death comes on the heels of several alarming attacks on Asian Americans in Northern California, including a brutal February assault on a 91-year-old in Oakland’s Chinatown district, a robbery and assault on a Vietnamese woman in San Jose, and a fatal attack on a Thai man in San Francisco, according to USA Today.

The recent crime wave against Asian Americans – which some have attributed to suspicions about the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic – prompted activist Jacob Azevedo to launch an initiative in which he offered to walk with anyone in his community who felt unsafe, particularly the elderly. Hundreds of volunteers have since registered with “Compassion in Oakland” to assist in a broad awareness and outreach effort, as NBC News reported, with the hope of bringing an end to this extremely unsettling series of events.

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  1. This is what happens when criminals are set free on bail or released back in to the general public, it is also caused by the miss information released by the media my heart aches for the innocent people who have been exposed to this and the increase in crime is a direct out come from defunding the police

      1. And she will continue to do so ……… She is a stinking radical communist agent!

        The greatest surprise in this article for me is the name and picture published of a second career negro criminal! The MSM stopped with names and/or picture during election trying to hide how out of control negro crim was!

    1. I spent 2– years in S.E. Asia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, etc., and places I am not permitted to mention… under penalty. Of course there are good and bad in most countries in the world, and our Savior, Jesus Christ would like to “harvest” all the Christian Warriors who love, obey and follow Him before He returns soon to ‘cleanse the world of wicked unbelievers’ who work against him. Just look at how fast the world is changing right now! Actually, ‘Man has ruled his fellow man — to his injury!’ Don’t MISS the Rapture! Visit 1st Thessalonians 4: 16, 17, to see that promise. My humble Blog:

      Tom’s Logic Journal.

    2. It does no good to let these thugs out and re-offend while wearing an ankle monitor. What the hell is wrong with are criminal justice system. We need to re-vamp it for sure. We need to harder on crime. Re-enact the death penalty and quit playing around with these thugs. They are life long criminals and dont need to be on the streets.

    3. if they were in my state (florida) i would gladly walk with them and be fully armed.we’re not california where we let criminals walk about!

  2. It is a sad day when innocent people are targeted by thugs and criminals who are supported and protected by the Democrats.

    1. The democrats always loved the criminals because they work in some kind of symbiosis
      together… they get bailed out, they are allowed to do looting, kill cops etc so, yes, they do get protected by the democrats/ marxists!!!

    2. They don’t care about law abiding citizens American citizens.
      America will never be first as long as Democrats are in control…they care more about China, and illegal aliens than us…

    3. Yes! And too bad so many spineless Republicans just could not grow a pair to keep Pres. Trump in office! And just watch the godfather of Dementia and total confusion muck things up and tax us to death. It’s going to be a ‘long slow burn,’ guys. Sorry.

    4. These attacks started happening after Trump kept emphasizing that Covid came from China check the stories there are hundreds of accounts of Asians no matter what country their ancestors or they came from. And its not all Criminals many are just being attacked by plain racists. There was footage only a few days ago of a white person with a thick non -American accent abused and shoved and man of Asian decent that spoke with an American accent. People seem to forget the Chinese started arriving in America in the 1850s and helped build the rail roads. They also forget that the Chinese helped rescue pilots shot down in previous wars

    5. In a democratic state even. Democrats are opposite what they claim they. How can you tell when a Democrat is lying. Yep you guessed it his lips are moving

  3. This is sick .and why was he let out of jail in the first place .we can’t let these crimnels out our elderly r being attract on streets and let’s not forget new York and michagin putting virus in the old folks home .what in the world has this country come to .they all must be held

  4. This attack is just “typical” niggers. Niggers are the cause of most of this country’s problems. Their “all” criminals, either buy birth or their choice, up bring, parent teaching. But the niggers will play the race card. There all innocent and it’s always someone else’s fault, the niggers either blame “whitey” or “law enforcement”, the niggers are never to blame. It’s really “God’s” fault. God allowed the niggers out of the trees to early. B.L.M., hypothetically, a joke, unless the city’s like Detroit, Cleveland, L.A., N.Y.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia and the list goes on, it’s ok for niggers to kill niggers no problems, only when whitey or law enforcement kills a nigger in self defense or during a crime, but their all innocent, always.

    1. People like you are the reason we are all called racists.
      Do us all a favor and crawl back under your rock.

  5. All of the above comments are valid but let’s face facts, if this were Asians attacking elderly Blacks the media would be all over it and BLM would be asking for racial profiling and race crimes being charged against Blacks. If these Asians are smart enough they will understand their support for Biden in the last election was a mistake and Pelosi is NOT doing anything to fix this problem in her district.

    1. Colin, You are so correct! Ounce Biden’s Bums steal our important 2nd Amendment, America will be S.O.L. and then all our other Freedoms will be stripped from us, and rioters will rule all the cities, towns and villages in every State! In the old days centuries ago, our forefathers in the Old Country had a sword hanging over the fireplace or a battle axe to protect hearth, home, and loved ones. Things have not changed much, but now we have better arms for hunting and protection. But let us reason on this subject for a moment… if all the good, legal, hard working Americans only had a Biden-style double barrel shotgun [or just a bow and arrow] and then drugged up criminals broke down the front door to rob, rape, and murder but they had a handgun, 9mm auto pistol, where would that put us ?? Dead and butchered !! Do you see the logic here?

  6. This is terrible a man minding his own business walking home i guess winds up dead by a thug that should not have been out on the street! I thank they should arm themselves if they would shoot and get rid of the thugs and the judge that should be charged with being accessory to murder

  7. The A.G., Becerra and the gang (incl. former DA Kamala Harris) have all encouraged this criminal behavior. President Trump was cleaning this corruption when we had the fraud election occurred. Now we are suffering.

  8. This is what happens when you have criminals running our country, the lawless do whatever they want and rarely get punished for their crime (s), what a scam and shame for America!

  9. All this and the Democrats are raising money to pay Bond fees and get out of jail free cards! This is so sad, and what was this guy doing walking around with or without an ankle bracelet?? Oh that’s right, I forgot this was Pelosi’s district!!!!!! Maybe the Felons can join all the Illegal aliens flooding our Southern Borders! So Sad!

  10. His family should file a wrongful death LAWSUIT AGANIST Harris and the State DA OFFICE. In the BILLION!

  11. An eye for an eye a Life for a Life.
    Theses killers must be executed in the same manner they killed the victim and must be done NOW
    Stop these trials where they get off on technicalities etc
    Just EXECUTE them
    for every year alive they cost 100-200K, 10 yrs 1 million to 2 million
    Sorry that money can be better spent and used for the victims family.

  12. This is what you get when democrats control the country. This does not bother the democrats, they are the party of violence and mayhem. You have people like POS Gascone in California that will probably make some excuse for this criminal scumbag and suggest he not be prosecuted. We need the DEATH PENALTY in this country to rid society of this vermin roaming our streets to pray on defenseless people.Don’t let them take away your 2nd Amendment rights. Arm yourselves and protect your family and property from these animals prowling our streets for victims.
    Lock and Load America…

  13. If California had kept this career criminal locked up instead of out on recognizance, his elderly victim would still be alive today. The California criminal release policy is itself criminal. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra should be charged with murder.

  14. This suggests that Governor Newsom is not in vain to release murderers and rapists from prisons who, God forbid, can get COVID there. It is not in vain that the Democrats gave the killers and rapists the right to vote in elections so that they could choose exactly such a killer or rapist for Congress or for the presidency.

  15. That’s what happens in liberal justice systems. Thugs/punks are let out on bail to commit more crimes when they shouldn’t be seeing the light of day. permanently removing the -3sd from society would make the country or world a safer place for the decent.

  16. Oakland resident Pak Ho, 75, was attacked on the street by robbery suspect and career criminal Teaunte Bailey, 26, and died Thursday of the brain injuries that resulted from the single blow, according to Fox News.

    Teaunte Bailey, 26 members of the BLM/Antifa Terrorist groups backed by the Communist demo party backed by Biden/Harris and the democrats

  17. Another one of the 7% not acting like the other 6%. Read and search and you will find that 7% of the 13% act like the mike browns, trayvon martins, george floyd, malik halfacre and all of the rest who are career criminal, drug users, wife beaters and etc. Just do the research and you will find the truth.
    You have these idiots protesting over the likes of the above POS instead of acting like the the majority of the 6 %. Listen to the Paines, Leo 2.0s, Candance Owens and the others who have the common sense to be good Americans.

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