Vast majority of Americans believe Harris is doing a ‘poor’ job with migration crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris was tasked by President Joe Biden earlier this year at investigating the “root causes” of the migration crisis, which directly affects the immigration crisis continuing to unfold at the southern U.S. border — a crisis that the administration doesn’t seem keen to fix anytime soon.

According to a new poll released by the Convention of States Action in partnership with The Trafalgar Group, it’s now crystal clear that a vast majority of Americans agree that Harris is not performing her duties, as a staggering 74.9% of the survey’s respondents indicated that they feel Harris has done a “poor job with the southern border crisis since President Biden put her in charge in March of 2021.”

“These numbers signal clearly that the American people see Vice President Harris’ management of the southern border crisis as an unmitigated disaster,” said Convention of States Action president Mark Meckler.

Making matters worse not only for Harris, but for Democrats in general, was the revelation in the poll that it’s not simply partisan criticism with regard to her handling of the immigration crisis.

The poll revealed that 54.6% of Democrats agree that Harris is doing a poor job, and Republicans overwhelmingly agree, with 93.7% agreeing with that assessment.

Notably, a whopping 80.3% of independent voters — a critically important voting bloc for any candidate — believe Harris is dropping the ball on the border crisis, which is arguably one of the most dangerous issues facing the United States.

As far as voters who feel Harris is doing a good job on the border issue? Only 13%, a number that would be embarrassing for any administration, but especially bad for Democrats, who voted for Biden and Harris after their campaign promises to fix all of America’s problems.

“The Biden Administration is bungling this crisis beyond what most people could have imagined. Once again, the solution is strong leadership from governors and state legislators who care about their constituents and are not confused as to who is in charge: the people who voted them into office,” Meckler added in his assessment of the survey’s results.

The Biden-Harris administration has been relentlessly criticized over their mishandling of the border crisis, but appear to not be even remotely interested in taking virtually any step in order to mitigate the problem, setting up a dangerous period over the next three years for America.