Uvalde residents upset with Biden politicizing mass shooting: Report

While he still refuses to visit the southern U.S. border to see firsthand the devastating effects of the immigration crisis, President Joe Biden, as he did in the wake of the Buffalo, New York mass shooting, was on the ground in Uvalde, Texas within a matter of days after the tragic mass shooting there.

One doesn’t need to be a political strategist to know that he went to both Buffalo and Uvalde for political expediency, as such appearances on the ground help bolster the Democratic Party’s renewed push to pass stricter gun control legislation.

However, according to the Washington Examiner, residents of Uvalde were also well aware of why Biden visited their small town so quickly, and many of them, according to a reporter on the ground, were not happy with the president’s pop-in. 

“I think, for the most part, the families who were affected want to focus on their loved ones who were killed. And I think having the leader of our country come here and express, you know, his condolences is important to them. But I also know, I’ve heard people say, you know, now is not the time for him to come here,” Stella Chavez, an immigration and demographics reporter for KERA News said during a CNN interview.

She added: “I think some people are concerned about politicizing this event. And I’ve heard a lot of outrage from people. But I’ve also heard from folks who say, ‘I don’t want to focus on that, on what could have happened, what should’ve happened, I just want to focus on the kids.'”

Biden immediately joined Democrats in calling for various gun control measures in the wake of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary, just like they have done after every other mass shooting, especially ones involving dead children.

However, Democrats like Biden refuse to work on making moves that could have an immediate and direct impact on preventing deranged killers from entering the schools in the first place. Such solutions are simple, and include adding extra security, armed teachers, single-entry checkpoints, and other commonsense measures.

The president and the first lady were also set to meet with first responders after attending mass at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.