Uvalde mayor says Biden should spend money on mental health services, not Ukraine

In the wake of an unspeakable tragedy in his town, the mayor of Uvalde, Texas has come out swinging against politicians — especially Democrats — as he urges lawmakers to take up important issues that could actually prevent deranged young men from shooting up elementary schools.

According to Fox News, Uvalde, Texas Mayor Don McLaughlin took justifiable shots at politicians for mostly just blowing hot air after a national tragedy like the one that occurred in his town, but he also focused on the lack of mental health treatment, especially in small towns.

“How many times do we hear that a shooter had mental health problems? He never got the help that he needed. They dropped off the face of the Earth. Nobody wants to pick up the tab to treat mental health,” the mayor said during an interview with America Reports.

Mayor McLaughlin added: “Mental health is real, and like I said, that’s not the only factor. The gun played a role in it, too, but what if we would have been able to help this child? What if some incident would have triggered somebody and we could have got him help? We might have avoided this, but the problem is we don’t do anything.”

He went on to slam the Biden administration for giving billions of dollars to foreign countries while neglecting real issues here at home.

“We keep talking about mental health, treating the issue, and we need to quit talking about it. We give billions of dollars away to countries that don’t even like us. We ought to take that money and invest in our own country and build facilities,” McLaughlin said.

He went on to point out other crises in America, like the homelessness problems that plague major U.S. cities, especially in California, that stem from a lack of mental health treatment options.

While there are no simple solutions to preventing the kind of tragedy that took place in Uvalde, there are legitimate steps politicians can take to begin addressing the root causes of the problems that spark such episodes, assuming they could all put down their swords for more than a few minutes.