Usually Biden-friendly Geraldo slams president’s ‘pitiful’ COVID booster speech

Geraldo Rivera, a seasoned journalist, and correspondent-at-large for Fox News who tends to lean left on most issues, likely stunned the network’s viewers on Wednesday with his commentary on President Joe Biden’s failure to show leadership on the disastrous situation unfolding in Afghanistan.

According to Fox News, in the wake of Biden’s press conference on Wednesday in which he only spoke of COVID-19 booster shots and failed to make a single mention of Afghanistan or take questions about it, Rivera blasted the president for giving a “pitiful” speech at a time when Americans — and the world — deserve much more.

“Can I just say something about the president’s Ill-timed speech? It was pitiful,” Rivera said, admitting that he’s given Biden as many chances as he could in the past.

“It was pathetic. I try to give him every due respect. He’s the president of the United States. I think he’s a nice person,” the 78-year-old veteran reporter said, adding that Biden was “blinking and missing words” in the tone-deaf address to the nation.

Rivera doubled down, pointing out that virtually nobody is concerned about COVID-19 booster shots when one of the most disastrous and humiliating foreign policy blunders is unfolding live on television screens around the world.

“What the hell that COVID speech had to do with the price of beans, I don’t know,” Rivera said. “He delivered it as if someone said, ‘Here’s a good idea. Why don’t you speak about the COVID booster and take their minds off of what they’re seeing on the TV news.'”

Rivera also questioned why U.S. military commanders gave up Bagram Airfield, which would have provided a defensible, a much safer and logistically sound method for evacuating the tens of thousands of Americans and Afghan allies that remain trapped behind enemy lines.

In rare form on Wednesday, Rivera went on to completely shred Biden’s lack of leadership on such a monumental and impactful issue.

“He’s a failure in deed and now word, and to get up in front of the American people and say nothing about the Americans and allies stranded in Afghanistan and the disaster that unfolds in front of our faces,” Rivera concluded.