US sees birth of 400k ‘anchor babies’ in 2021 amid continued border crisis

An extrapolation of findings from a 2018 study on the number of so-called “anchor babies” born in the United States suggests that 2021 will have seen roughly 400,000 children of illegal immigrants, tourists and foreign visa recipients attain birthright citizenship, helping cement President Joe Biden’s plan to permanently alter the demographic — and political — makeup of the country.

As Breitbart notes, an analysis of the aforementioned report from the Center for Immigration Studies alarmingly pointed out that the number of these babies born in the U.S. each year exceeds the birth rate in almost all American states.

As such, hundreds of thousands of babies receive American citizenship without their parents having any other significant ties to the country, a scenario which ultimately allows those children to sponsor their mothers, fathers, and other family members for green cards once they reach adulthood.

It is worth noting, as Breitbart emphasizes, that there has never been an explicit ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court declaring that children of illegal aliens born on American soil must automatically have citizenship bestowed upon them, and a healthy legal debate about the concept persists.

The outlet further noted that the annual cost to taxpayers of the hospital subsides required to pay for the births of these anchor babies is roughly $2.4 billion, though the true cost of this type of immigration is in fact much larger, as it just one facet of a broader open-borders philosophy that has taken hold since Biden took office.

As Breitbart , separately last week, a report produced by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) revealed that the current administration’s determination to roll back border policies put in place by former President Donald Trump has produced record numbers of apprehensions and will run American taxpayers upwards of $6.6 billion per year in added costs.

FAIR’s president, Dan Stein, said that Americans need to fully grasp precisely what is driving these skyrocketing numbers and went on to delineate the “litany of incentives” Biden has instituted to drive mass migration to the southern border as well as the obstacles to enforcement that have resulted from the massive wave of arrivals the administration has done nothing to discourage.

Underscoring the stark contrast between the comparatively low number of migrants released into the country’s interior during the Trump years and the staggering numbers essentially allowed unfettered movement by the Biden administration, Stein issued a damning indictment of what this president’s overarching goal really is.

“Ongoing mass illegal immigration is the policy of the Biden administration and every action that has been taken since January 20 demonstrates that unchecked migration is their objective,” according to Stein, and it is clear that the anchor baby phenomenon is only helping to further those dangerous ends.