University of Michigan president terminated after investigation concerning a subordinate

Leadership at the University of Michigan will soon look quite a bit different, as the famous school will be without Mark Schlissel, the former president of the university.

According to Newsweek, Schlissel was terminated this week by the University of Michigan Board of Regents after an investigation into a relationship he allegedly had with a subordinate university employee. 

“As you know, the Regents received an anonymous complaint regarding an alleged sexual affair between you and a subordinate,” a letter sent to Schlissel by the board read. “An investigation has revealed that your interactions with the subordinate were inconsistent with promoting the dignity and reputation of the University of Michigan.”

An anonymous complaint filed with the school’s top brass apparently triggered the investigation into a reported “inappropriate relationship with a university employee.” The complaint, Newsweek noted, was filed in early December last year.

Schlissel reportedly used a university email account, over the course of several years, to “communicate with that subordinate in a manner inconsistent with the dignity and reputation of the university,” the report indicated.

Not much in the way of detail was released as far as what was contained in the emails that was apparently too inappropriate for Schlissel to keep his job, but one example was a July 2021 email from the female subordinate that simply read, “My head hurts.”

Schlissel responded by writing, “I know. mine too,” and he added that he was “in pain,” saying that it “was all my fault.”

Other email examples sent between the two were filled with sexual innuendos, suggesting that Schlissel likely had a sexual relationship with the subordinate, which goes against university policy. However, given the leeway someone of Schlissel’s station would likely receive in such a situation, the relationship presumably had to be too far out of bounds for the board, as they repeatedly labeled the relationship as “inappropriate.”

The outlet added that former University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman has been appointed interim president, while the board determines who will replace the fired president in an upcoming February meeting.