Ukrainian prosecutor blames ouster on decision not to probe Hunter Biden

A prominent former prosecutor in Ukraine is claiming that a key reason he was ousted from his position last March was that he declined to launch a probe into natural gas company Burisma, which notoriously employed Hunter Biden, son of current President Joe Biden, as the Washington Examiner reports.

According to Rouslan Riaboshapka, who held the role of prosecutor general in Ukraine until his firing in March of 2020, his argument is bolstered by a recently-disclosed transcript of a telephone conversation between Andriy Yermak – chief of staff for the country’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky and Rudy Giuliani, one-time personal attorney to former President Donald Trump.

Riaboshapka points to the transcript as having revealed an “important detail” in that “Yermak promised Giuliani to open an investigation in to Hunter Biden” after the American lawyer explained that he wanted Zelensky to “just let these investigations go forward.”

At that time, Yermak seemed to promise that such a probe would indeed proceed, and Riaboshapka believes that the promises made to Giuliani to delve into the Bidens’ dealings prompted Zelensky to ultimately dismiss him from his prosecutorial role in June of 2020. The reason given at the time for his ouster was that he was not bringing cases to conclusion quickly enough, the Examiner noted.

The telephone discussion between Yermak and Giuliani occurred just days prior to the call between Trump and Zelensky which formed the basis of impeachment proceedings in which the former was accused of demanding a “quid pro quo” of investigations into the Bidens in exchange for the release of military aid to Ukraine.

Riaboshapka’s successor in the role of prosecutor general, Iryna Venediktova, has maintained that there is no need to re-open any probes involving Burisma, and presumably by implication, the Bidens’ involvement with the firm.

As the Examiner points out, this is the second time someone with strong connections to Ukraine has stepped forward to blame their firing on Giuliani, as the former American ambassador to the country, Marie Yovanovitch, claimed during Trump’s impeachment probe that the former New York City mayor and federal prosecutor conducted a “smear campaign” and “threatened” her prior to her removal from the post.

These revelations are particularly noteworthy given a recent federal raid of Giuliani’s New York apartment and office in which cellphones and computers were seized in an ongoing investigation thought to be centered on whether he was involved in unregistered lobbying on behalf of Ukrainian nationals during Trump’s tenure in office.

For his part, Giuliani has blasted the probe and the law enforcement searches as “out of control” and an effort on the part of federal authorities to “frame” him, as Fox News reported. Whether the investigation expands beyond a possible technical violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, however, remains to be seen.

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  3. All you have to do is watch the tape where BIDEN BRAGS ABOUT GETTING THE GUY FIRED, AND IMPORTANTLY BRAGGING THAT HE HAS OBAMA’S BLESSING! This is grounds for abuse of office and placing his family above national interests, and security! AND THERE IS EVEN MORE GOING ON WITH CHINA! HUNTER is working with companies DIRECTLY LINKED TO THE CHINESE MILITARY! TREASON BY A PRESIDENT! If this is not investigated in a bipartisan manner equal justice under law is dead in our country! After the nonsense the DEMS put TRUMP through, how can they DENY AN INVESTIGATION! Impeach BIDEN and we get Harris, EVEN WORSE!

  4. The real crime and treason behind here is the Obama putsch in Ukraine, with emissaries Nuland and Biden, for the purpose of the next war.
    The only aim for it was to put NATO on Russia’s doorstep and get hold of the Navy ports on the Krym (Crimea)
    – it cost 100s of lives, but does Obama care? He didn’t care a million lives destroyed in Libya and Syria!

  5. Joe Biden should be arrested and Impeachment process should begin now! Just like the crap The lies The Democrats tried to do to president Trump!

  6. Nothing is going to happen to Hunter Biden until after the 2022 election. When the Republicans take back the House and Senat, you can guarantee that Hunter will be dealt with. Things were heating up real fast with this corrupt individual. And if the Dems hadn’t stole the election, Hunter (in my opinion) would have already been indicted. Just hand on a little longer. The Republicans are gonna show the Dems how it feels to do what they want without any help from them. Remember, the majority rules.

  7. god bless America and save it from the people trying too run it into the ground ,we all know who they are,

  8. I wish I was younger I would go after the top in out government and take obama and he wife with the rest of the trash

  9. It’s sickening two tears of justice Biden does whatever he wants to do it’s against the law and everything he does in the oval office and no one is going after him like they went after Trump time and time again Biden wants to bring our country down he made a deal with the Ukrainian that the prosecutor had to be fired before the million dollars Where’s all that is that not coming to Justice let me tell you when the rule of law becomes a non effect when more people disobey the rule then obey the rule it’s over there is no more rule effect

    1. You are right on brother, us taxpayers paid for 4 years if Impeachment based on Demarats fabracated lies ZERO evidence ZERO. The Clintons have bought the FBI and the DOJ for Biden. What a DOUBLE STANDARD ashamed to be an American Vet.


        1. I think too many people voted for the abortion gang and not for Biden. No one in their right mind murders babies and cheers about it. That is all they care about. So we not only get that evil, but the rest of the policies that will destroy us.

  10. That’s not right. I call that two bits at the same Apple. Many times our corrupt government does that even when the person is found innocent. Oh, the government already gave the family 27 million dollars even before the trial.

    1. This should be covered under “double jeopardy.” Even that standard is being revised under our very noses, with NO input or debate by the American citizenry through our “elected officials.” In other words, another deal worked out behind closed door by the elites, as recommended by Comrade Saul!”

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    1. What does your response have to do with this story. I get so sick and tired of seeing this same comment every time I look at a post. You have got your point across so leave, PLEASE.

      1. It’s a FAKE comment.
        Remember: During election time, 75% of anti Trump and pro Biden “comments” were machine produced fakes.
        They still do it, just to confuse.

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