Ukrainian ambassador to the US vows Putin will face trial for ‘war crimes’

What started as a somewhat standard military invasion of Ukraine by neighboring Russia quickly turned into brutal and devastating campaign that has claimed the lives of thousands of Ukrainian civilians, which many believe amount to the level of war crimes.

According to The Hill, Oksana Markarova, Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.S., said over the weekend that Russia’s Vladimir Putin will be prosecuted for war crimes allegedly committed in Ukraine.

It was during an interview on CBS’ Face the Nation that she vowed all Russians involved in committing war crimes in Ukraine will eventually be prosecuted in an international court of law.

“We filed all the criminal charges in the International Court. We have the criminal cases opened in Ukraine, more than 4,000 of individual criminal cases already by the prosecutor general. We have 10 more countries that opened their own individual criminal prosecutions, and we are providing all the evidence to them,” Markarova said.

Given what she and others have seen on the ground in Ukraine as the war rages on, she also admitted that she’s skipping the “alleged” part when accusing someone of a crime.

“I know that lawyers have to say ‘alleged.’ I can say war crimes because we see them, we see them in real time so we have all this, witnesses on the ground.”

The United States, including President Joe Biden’s White House, also believe Putin has committed war crimes, and it has already tasked Congress with taking the necessary steps to gather appropriate evidence to present in an international court.

While it’s clear to most that Putin is guilty of countless war crimes, it’ll prove to be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to ever fully hold him accountable, as he’s virtually untouchable in his own country.